Antifa celebrates 100 nights of Portland looking like a war zone

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Charlotte, NC — On Sunday morning, images and video of Antifa “protests” were available on social media that show their version of a celebration. Antifa had openly promoted Saturday’s “protests” to celebrate 100 days of violence in the city. The fact that these images and videos are from a city in the United States is insane.

As the activities started, reports from the area were that rioters stole items from local homes to make blockades. Things quickly escalated from a blockade to images of war.

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Antifa have regrouped & stolen recycle & trash bins from the surrounding homes in SE Portland to create another street fire blockade. #PortlandRiots

Videos continued to pour in form Portland overnight, which shows that violence ensued. In the video below, a molotov cocktail was thrown in the direction of law enforcement, setting one man on fire. You can see him run out of the frame on the top right portion of the screen after it is thrown.

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You can see the Portland protester running around with their legs on fire at the beginning of this

Police made several arrests during the violence on Saturday night. Blame for the unsafe conditions in Portland continued to be blamed on law enforcement. Antifa chooses to communicate a lot via Twitter, and here is one of their statements. Watch for this to be Democrat talking points in the coming days.

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Antifa bring incendiary devices & explosive fireworks to use as weapons, setting two people on fire. Antifa respond online by blaming police:

The NY Times reporter that was on the scene was upset that the Police arrived to attempt to restore law and order. He tweeted a video of police moving through the area, making arrests, seeming to be disappointed. He was not condemning the violence at all.

We continue to be told by the mainstream media that these are peaceful protests. We are told that these people are simply exercising their constitutional rights. That’s just not the case.

These are terrorists that are causing issues in every city that they interact with. Molotov cocktails are not a trait of “peaceful protests” at all. The violence is not just in Portland, either.

In Rochester, peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors stormed a restaurant destroying the property and dispersing customers who were trying to eat. They threw chairs, which you can hear breaking glass. They were chanting, “if you don’t give us our s—, we shut s— down.”

People weren’t given the option; they were forced out of the restaurant amid the chaos and broken glass. This certainly seems peaceful, doesn’t it? Here’s the video for proof of what happened.

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Rochester, N.Y.: #BLM rioters swarm a restaurant and knock over the dining tables.

In Chicago, Black Lives Matter protestors attempted to break into apartment buildings. Just a few weeks ago, I shared that these events would be coming to the homes of Americans. They’re already starting in these cities.

It does not matter if it is under the label of Black Lives Matter or Antifa; both are violent hate groups that are terrorizing our country. They are destroying business and property, but the Democrats refuse to hold them accountable. Joe Biden and the Democrats simply provide lip service, which does nothing to stop the violence that is happening.

It is time for these Democrat-led cities to end the terrorism of their citizens. People should be allowed to go back out in their cities and towns to enjoy life. Instead, they are being forced to live in fear. This should be a valuable lesson for Americans across the country.

These people are not acting out because of President Trump. They are not acting out because of Republicans, or any of the reasons you hear in the mainstream media. They are acting out because they are terrorist groups, enabled and funded by the Democrats across the country.

Go ahead and say that Joe Biden will stop this violence, but he will not. Joe Biden was part of an administration that allowed this violence to start and continue. In the Obama administration, they enabled these groups, which have led us to our current situation.

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