Democrats Pushed Mail-In Voting, Ballot Harvesting, and Foreigners Voting Back in January 2019 — More than a Year before China Coronavirus

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Way back before the China Coronavirus pandemic — Democrats tried pushing mail-in voting.

They know they can cheat that way and they are bitter that Americans still get to choose by ballot their political leaders.  Democrats know this.  Their media knows this.  Attorney General Bill Barr knows this.

“This is Playing with Fire! We’re a Very Closely Divided Country Here!” – WOW! AG Bill Barr GOES OFF on Wolf Blitzer on Mail-in Voter Fraud (VIDEO)

Back in May Pelosi was already talking about mail-in voting this year due to the coronavirus.

But it went back even further than that.
Democrats were pushing mail-in voting legislation back in January 2019!

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Dienekes’ Place reported:

Long before they crippled our economy, killed small businesses and locked everyone into their homes, Democrats have been pushing voting by mail. Here’s the proof…

In January 2019, a full year before Americans had ever heard of COVID19, the Democrats in Washington introduced the Vote By Mail Act of 2019—a bill to “to allow all eligible voters to vote by mail in Federal elections.”

You can read it here.

Regardless of what Democrats are saying today, their “Vote By Mail” scheme has nothing to do with the China virus, and everything to do with power.

And it was not just Democrat Senators who were pushing new legislation on stealing votes.

The Pelosi Democrats in their first move after taking control of the US House was to pass HR 1 the “For the People Act.”

The bill allowed Democrats to harvest ballots from old people in nursing homes, a criminal act in most states and allowed foreigners to vote in US elections.

Democrats have been working on stealing elections with mail-in voting since January 2019.
The coronavirus is just an excuse to push their nefarious plans.

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