Biden continues to struggle as he is about to face tough questions

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Charlotte, NC — The media continues to refuse to take any close looks at Joe Biden. He says ridiculous comments at events or openly lies about what happens, and they simply overlook it. They do not care what Joe Biden knows; they understand he is simply a placeholder for their real President, Kamala Harris.

For example, the media completely overlooked Biden’s ridiculous statements in Kenosha. Biden struggled to remember his history as he spoke, claiming that a black man invented the light bulb. There were a few outlets that reported this, but it was largely ignored.

The comments were made as he talked about a lack of teaching history in US schools. The problem is that Democrats do not want anyone to learn real American history because it’s a story of exceptionalism. So the media just ignores it, choosing instead to run more propaganda against President Trump.

He then completely lost his train of thought as he was talking about law enforcement. He started to say there were some good law enforcement officers, then he stuttered and completely lost his train of thought. Thankfully, his handlers came to the rescue sending in his wife.

The awkward comments continued as he rambled about his tax plan. He made absolutely no sense in his comments, but then made a horrible remark about “they’ll shoot me.” The comments were made in Kenosha, where riots have been taking place over recent shootings.

Biden is struggling to remember anything, or simply to put a logical thought in place. In light of another big event that happened this week, he is going to need his memory to answer questions that are sure to come up.

Accusations that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, received preferential treatment in business dealings due to his dad being the Vice President surfaced again this week. It was not Ukraine this time, but China.

Reports are that Hunter received special business agreements since his dad was the Vice President. The reports also share that his work directly benefitted China and the Chinese military. The business dealings were reportedly worth over $1 billion, thanks to his dad.

When asked questions about Hunter in the past, Biden has called those asking liars and idiots. That will not sit well when he’s on stage with President Trump and must make comments about what took place.

Earlier this year, Joe Biden denied that Hunter received any special treatment while he was Vice President, specifically in any business dealings. He said that no dealings were to gain access to the Presidency either. All this as Biden says he will be tough on China if elected President.

Are we to believe this? Biden has had great relationships with the Chinese. They are openly campaigning for Biden, as multiple reports have shared they are trying to influence votes online. It’s very evident; the Chinese want to see President Biden.

For a good reason, as I am sure they want to have a friendly person in the White House. One that they have conducted business with and shared great times with. As the reports share, the Biden’s are friends with the Chinese elite.

When reached for comment about these new reports, the Biden campaign refused to respond. They want you to believe that there is nothing to see in Ukraine or China, while the evidence says otherwise.

Now is the time for Joe Biden to answer questions. He needs to come clean with the American people about their relationships in Ukraine and China. Republicans need to be asking difficult questions about what happened. The unfortunate thing is, Biden can simply claim he does not remember and step aside for Kamala if things get too bad. Perhaps that’s what the Democrats are planning.

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