Media attempts to continue to drive wedge between Trump and military

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Charlotte, NC — On Thursday, The Atlantic ran a story saying that President Trump called soldiers who died in World War I “Losers” and “Suckers” during a 2018 trip. Only an anonymous source was cited as saying Trump made the remarks. The article then spent paragraphs continuing to build a narrative that President Trump dislikes American troops.

The left has continued to push this anti-military narrative since a poll came out earlier in the week that suggests Trump’s support from the military may be slipping. The problem is that there are witnesses that are saying that the story from The Atlantic, an outspoken left-wing publication, is simply not true.

CBS News reporter Fin Gomez shared that J. Hogan Gidley traveled on the trip with President Trump and has said that the story is completely untrue. He shared the information on Twitter.

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NEW: @JHoganGidley, who traveled w/ @realDonaldTrump to France during 2018 trip, tells CBS, Trump never said what was detailed in @TheAtlantic: “That is a disgusting grotesque lie. I was there. The president never said that.And he would never even think such a vile thought.”Full:

To try to accuse President Trump of disdain for the military is a stretch. Time and again, we see stories online where President Trump is spending late nights at Air Force bases to pay respects to those who return home, having made the ultimate sacrifice. That’s not a sign of a man who dislikes his military.

Trump has also fought to increase defense funding. He has included the military more in parades and national pride events across the country. He has asked for more flyovers and involvement from them. That’s not a sign of a man who dislikes his military.

This story has the feeling of a left-wing hack job without any relevance of truth. It took a false statement and built a narrative. It would be nice if the media would do their jobs and hold The Atlantic accountable for this type of journalism. Instead, they’ll probably spend weeks defending them and trying to justify it.

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