Man Claims To Have Found HUGE Portland Antifa Compound (VIDEO)

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A man stated, “I find myself currently over here close to, Hawthorne Bridge. I believe it to be right between Hawthorne Bridge and Burnside Bridge. But I’ve been wondering where this large crowd of agitators has been coming from for the last 90 days. And I think I discovered where such a large crowd of agitators can house themselves and stage themselves for such a long period of time and still be able to be so close to the center of action every single night. This is a war encampment. A number of these individuals have been sent to Kenosha. But this is a legitimate issue right here, I would say. This is funded by the city. And what it houses is absolute anarchists, people that refuse to conform and cause damage every single night and then get to come back and they’re housed and given money and protected under the same rights and liberties that they spit upon.”

The man continued, “They have this privacy fence right here. They say it’s an art installation, actually. One thing that you got to notice is right here, individuals like this, they try to stifle your free speech instantly. These are the type of people they cry about issues and then are the ones that are absolutely the cause of said issues. So what we have here is something that really needs to be addressed. I’m going to go take a picture of the sign before I get stabbed or something by some sort of drug addict. All there is needles, needles, needles. It’s disgusting. Right there violent. That’s the same violence that they show every single night.

He called out to some people there, “You guys do that every night, right? I know it. Yup. This is where they house the rioters. This is where the rioters are housed.”

The man then made a discovery saying, “Oh, look over there. Look at that look. That’s a look of violence. Every single night. Oh, there’s Trumpet Man. There’s Trumpet Man right there. I knew it. This is where they house every single rioter, OK? It’s official. Housed by the city!”

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‘Trumpet Man’ is an individual who has been arrested multiple times in connection with the Portland riots.

One of the camp members attacked the camera-man with a slingshot.

The man filming said, “Look at that man’s about to shoot me with a slingshot. He’s such a dumba** couldn’t even hit a f***ing thing right in front of him. Continue on while I videotape this assault.”

The individual who shot at him with the slingshot stated, “We’re protecting our property. Now leave this property.”

The man responds, “No, this is where anarchists lives, simpleton. There are no rules in life, simpleton. Are you not an anarchist? There are zero rules. I am-. Do as thou wilt, is the only rule. Do as thou wilt, correct? They’re just so hypocritical. They’ve had so much given to them of the blood, sweat, and tears of individuals.”

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