Democrats plan to continue to keep America shut down

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Charlotte, NC — Democrats have made no secrets about their desire to shut down the country fully. They suggested the idea to President Trump, that a nationwide shut down was needed to control the spread of coronavirus. In March, Biden said he would call for a nationwide shutdown to slow the spread of the virus.

The talks for a national shutdown had mostly subsided until two weeks ago when Biden again brought it up. He again said he would shut down the economy if scientists recommended it. He said he would do whatever it takes.

We have been told that the only way to return our economy to normal is when Americans are willing to take a vaccine that is developed. Trump has been working to fast track a vaccine, which Fauci has expressed confidence in. While the timing of the vaccine is unknown, the left’s plan is becoming more clear.

It was previously suggested by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that the country could need to be shut down for years. It seems that her friends across the left-wing radical spectrum were all listening.

Left-wing media outlets are now saying that no one should take the coronavirus vaccine. Not because it was rushed to production and we do not know about the long-term effects. They suggest you should not take it just because Trump was behind it.

While their hero Fauci says the vaccine should be effective to allow a return to normal if adopted by enough Americans. Rather than encouraging some to take it, they are now discouraging all from taking it. All out of political reasons.

They continue to show they are perfectly fine leaving Americans suffering. They are perfectly fine living the elitist lifestyle that they are accustomed to, while many businesses are struggling due to forced government restrictions over coronavirus fears.

This is not about the coronavirus or a vaccine. This has completely become a political issue, which should have never happened. Left-wing media and politicians have turned a public health situation into a political situation. As they have said, you cannot let a good crisis go to waste.

They are using the coronavirus pandemic as a means to continue to force Americans into submission. Instead of looking for ways to get America back to normal, they would rather propose plans that force Americans onto government programs while they keep America shut down.

What is standing in their way? The only thing stopping them is President Trump. He continues to advocate for America to get back to normal. While they question his actions and motives, he understands his role is not to force Americans into government dependence.

That is exactly what these Democrats want, however. Instead of serving those that elected them to office, they are only concerned with themselves. Pelosi showed that with her hair treatment earlier this week. It’s time that we stop playing politics with this pandemic and get America back to normal as quickly as possible.

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