Suspect Gaige Grosskreutz Who Has a Record, Carried a Gun and Regrets Not Shooting Kyle Rittenhouse, Runs Free in Wisconsin

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Earlier in the day on August 25th Kyle Rittenhouse was busy cleaning buildings after another night of Democrat BLM rioters damaging another US city. That night young Rittenhouse was running for his life from BLM rioters.
Rittenhouse was charged with up to 170 years for his actions that night.

There is video evidence of young Rittenhouse in Kenosha the morning of the shootings helping clean paint from the buildings that were desecrated by BLM rioters before the shooting.

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Unfortunately things quickly changed for the young Rittenhouse on Tuesday night. So much so that he is now charged with multiple crimes.

One of the crimes Rittenhouse is charged with is the attempted homicide of Gaige Grosskreutz:

As can be seen below, Grosskreutz had a gun and he too was chasing Rittenhouse. Grosskreutz also has a rap sheet and may have committed a crime for carrying the gun if he is a felon. Rittenhouse shot Grosskreutz in the arm that was carrying the gun just before being shot by Grosskreutz.

Grosskreutz claimed the next day that his only regret was ‘hesitating to pull his gun’ and “not killing” 17-year-old Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse is also charged with carrying a gun but it appears he may have had the right to carry it.

The question is has Grosskreutz been charged with any crimes?  We are not aware of any crimes charged against Grosskreutz.  We know he had a prior record and had a probation violation.

If he is a felon then he should not be carrying or using gun anywhere as that is a crime.  Since he was using the gun against Rittenhouse and admittedly regrets not shooting Rittenhouse, then is that not a crime?

Young Rittenhouse is facing – 170 years in prison for crimes that may be related to self defense. But convicted criminal Grosskreutz was carrying a gun, it appears that he was ready to shoot Rittenhouse and he admits regretting not shooting the 17-year-old.  If Grosskreutz has not been charged with any crimes, then why not?

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