CSPAN caller confronts Brian Stelter: ‘CNN Is The Enemy of The Truth’

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Charlotte, NC — Unless I am relentlessly calling him out on his idiocy and/or making fun of him, I generally have a rule about writing on CNN’s Brian Stelter because he’s insufferably boring and quite predictable.  He’s just your typical, ultra-biased cable news hack that pretends to be objective when he’s clearly not.

They are a dime a dozen on his network. Plus there’s that ridiculous show “Reliable Sources” that’s anything but.

But this exchange on CSPAN was just too good to pass up. Instead of some pablum, partisan rant from Stelter, we get this gem of an exchange, where a caller decides to wreck him to his face live on air.

The caller from Minnesota accused CNN of committing over 300,000 “distortions of truth” since President Donald Trump took office.  They also told Stelter that the liberal network is “dividing our nation” and called CNN the “enemy of the truth.”

The caller continued saying, “You guys always talk about how many times Trump has lied, I’ve calculated and, I think with your chyrons… I don’t know if there are any journalists left at CNN but I know that, if I were to estimate, about 300 different distortions or misinformation that we get out of CNN.”  And you have to watch them in the airport, which is harsh, but if you added all that up to 46 months, it comes out to be 300,000-plus distortions of truth.”

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Oh @brianstelter did not have a pile of fans calling in to C-SPAN today. This man really brought the pain, saying “CNN is the enemy of truth.” Stelter said yeah, Trump has “radicalized” people with this talk of media bias. Laughably claims MSM is structured to keep bias out! pic.twitter.com/fsDZIaePB7

I’ll just note that CSPAN is supposed to be dull, dry commentary that focuses on facts and hard news. Why would they have Brian Stelter on to pose as anything other than what he is? But I digress. The caller absolutely goes off on the CNN host, accusing him of lying and causing division. That’s of course true, as we’ve witnessed recently via CNN’s coverage of the rioting across the country.

But then the caller dropped his biggest bomb. He brought up Nick Sandmann and pointed out that CNN defamed a child, choosing to chase a partisan narrative instead of investigating the truth of the story. Fact-check true on that point.

Stelter didn’t address any of the caller’s criticisms, instead choosing to jump to his weak talking points about people being “radicalized,” because if you rightly note that any media that willfully lies and distorts to cause division is an enemy of the people, you must be a mouth breathing radical or something.

Like I said, this guy is as predictable as the day is long.  Ad hominem debate tactics are a logical fallacy commonly used by Leftists when they’re faced with truth and facts.  Are you using facts and logic to argue a certain point on COVID-19 that runs contrary to the prescribed narrative of the Left?  You’re a racist bigot and you want people to die!

See how that works?

Regardless, it was a good 2 minutes or so getting to watch Stelter just sit there and have someone lay out to his face just how incredibly dishonest and harmful he and his network are.

“Yet sometimes it does,” Stelter said. “I absolutely acknowledge that. I think it’s different to talk about things as if they are enemies. No American is an enemy of another American. No news outlet is an enemy of America.”

You’d hope this will lead to some introspection, but I doubt it.  Stelter still has that low-rated book to push.

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