CNN has officially entered ‘full-blown gaslight mode’ when it comes to leftist violence in Portland –

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CNN puts Facts First.

That’s why their star fact-checker Daniel Dale isn’t letting this remark by Donald Trump slide:

It’s not even close to true. Because, you see, there are still some parts of Portland that are not ablaze and also some fires weren’t near any structures so there:

There have been protests in Portland every night since late May, when they broke out following the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police. Some of them have featured vandalism and violence.

These problems have largely been confined to a small area in the immediate vicinity of a federal courthouse. Most Portland residents have continued to go about their lives in peace even as some conservative media outlets have depicted large swaths of the city as under siege.

[Portland Fire & Rescue spokesman Lt. Rich] Chatman said there have been fires set “just about every night” of the protests. He said most of the fires, though, have involved contents “inside dumpsters or trash cans and away from any structures.” He said there have also been “a handful of incidents that involve direct attempts at starting a building fire,” which he said have been worrisome, but he added, “I would like to emphasize again: this is a small group of demonstrators.”

But if that’s not enough to make you question Donald Trump’s characterization of Portland, here’s CNN law enforcement correspondent — and former FBI agent — Josh Campbell:

LOL! All you idiots who think Portland is under siege and buildings are burning to the ground just don’t know the real Portland like Josh Campbell does.

Sounds about right.

Yeah, but then Josh roasted marshmallows in the fire, so it didn’t count as a fire-fire. You know?

Damn straight they do.

CNN’s team of fact-checkers and journalists is literally telling you to look at this apple and call it a banana.

But Real News, Mr. President™.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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