President Trump: I think the Press is Fueling the Riots “More so than Biden

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President Trump is traveling to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday after a week of leftist riots and looting.

Wisconsin Democrat Governor Tony Evers, who sat back and allowed Kenosha to be looted and destroyed, does not want President Trump to come to Kenosha. He doesn’t want national attention on the destruction of the far left antifa-Black Lives Matter rioters in Wisconsin.

Democrats won’t do anything about the violence but are smart enough to know they should be ashamed of their supporters’ destruction.

President Donald Trump: These are anarchists, these are agitators, they’re rioters, they’re looters, they’re bad people. They’re burning down Portland. You take a look at that. You take a look at the scenes last night, and then the fake news media will say that they’re friendly protesters. Because you people, I tell ya, if we only had an honest press in this country we would be much more advanced but we have a very dishonest press… You don’t report that. They shot a man in the street. They executed a religious man in the street and you don’t mention it. It’s not even a story. You talk about other things. The press should be ashamed of themselves. I think the press, the media is what’s fueling this. More so than even Biden. Cuz Biden doesn’t know he’s alive. The press is really fueling this and they’re fueling it horribly.

TRENDING: Four Young Leftists Sentenced in Court After Hurling Chlorine Bomb at Police Officer, Nearly Killing Him and Detonating 7 Other Bombs

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