DHS is not playing around with Portland or rioters

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Washington, DC – Department of Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf is not playing around with the Portland Mayor or the rioters across the country. In an appearance on Fox News, Wolf confirmed that DHS is actively investigating rioters and those who are funding them. He also shared that he sent a letter to the Portland Mayor urging him to allow DHS to assist in stopping the violence.

Wolf said that he has been having conversations with Attorney General William Barr about the investigation and that they are actively investigating those who are funding the group. Reports are that “protestors” were seen on planes flying to Washington DC for the RNC.

He also had strong words for the Portland Mayor amid the violence. The Portland Mayor accused Trump of causing the issues in a statement over the past few days. Wolf said the mayor should prioritize the public safety and ask federal officers to help stop the violence.

He also said that the mayor has stood by passively allowing the destruction to take place in his town. Portland had assistance from federal officers before, but an agreement was reached for them to leave. Since that time, violence has only continued to increase.

The mayor insists that the violence will end and that President Trump is at fault. It’s more of the same pointless rhetoric from Democrats who refuse to act. They simply want to throw words at a situation that must be dealt with.

President Trump has continued to advocate for law and order, as Democrats say he is the one stoking the riots and violence. He has been blamed for the recent shootings, even though Trump has continued to advocate for a stop to the violence.

The Portland Mayor has continued to ignore the offers of help, instead choosing to allow his city to be destroyed by rioters. In an open letter to Trump on August 28, he said “no thanks” to any offers of help. Rather than protect his citizens and their property, he is choosing to allow the violence to continue.

The Democrats have no desire to stop the violence, they simply want to talk about it. It’s the same playbook that they used during the Obama administration for Ferguson and Baltimore.

The only time we have seen Democrats act is in Chicago, when rioters attempted to get into the neighborhood of their mayor. It became an issue when the mayor was not safe. Again, they are not concerned with their citizens, only themselves. The mayor said that citizens would understand she needed safety, while everyone else suffered.

This is no longer about Black Lives Matter or any other social justice cause. This is about lawlessness that threatens the very foundations of being an American. It is time for these Democrats to act.

DHS will step in and act if the Portland Mayor continues to refuse to act. It seems the Democrats want to push Trump to declare some sort of national emergency to stop the violence, then in turn blame him for taking over as a dictator.

So far, President Trump continues to take the right course of action. Americans are growing tired of the violence and will continue to step up to defend themselves and their property. This is not Trump’s fault as Democrats have suggested.

At some point, Democrats have to own that this violence is completely of their own doing. These are Biden supporters. These are Democrat followers, who are encouraged by Democrat leaders to continue with their acts. This is the left-wing of America that Joe Biden aligns with.

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Democrats insist that it is all Trump’s fault

Over the past several days, Democrats have started to double down on their claims that everything is Trump’s fault. As violence continues to rage in Democrat-led cities across they country, they want to claim that it is Trump who is causing the issues.  The past weekend saw a Trump supporter, who was labeled an alt-right extremist by the media, shot and killed in Portland.

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