Biden calls Trump a liar and failure to enact justice

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Charlotte, NC – In a speech on Monday, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden said that President Trump has continued to lie to the American people and is failiing to enact justice. The comments were made as Biden spoke for just under a half hour in a planned speech near Pittsburgh. Biden was pointed in his attacks on Trump in the speech.

In his comments, Biden said, “When I was vice president, violent crime fell 15% in this country. We did it without chaos and disorder. And yes, we did it with democratic mayors in most of the major cities in this country.” It seems that Joe Biden may have forgotten the situations in Baltimore and Ferguson.

Biden claims that they did this with Democrat mayors in the city, who would have done anything that President Obama asked them to do. He claimed that his former boss and himself brought everyone together, when the truth is they did not.

Under the Obama presidency, most Americans felt that race relations declined significantly. This was not under President Trump, but under Barack Obama. Biden conveniently left that information out.

Biden also said that Trump had failed the economy, COVID-19 pandemic, and international leadership. He must forget that the economy was fantastic before the pandemic, that the pandemic is an unprecedented emergency, and the famous phrase “after my reelection I’ll have more flexibility.”

It’s easy for these Democrats to stand and point fingers at Trump due to coronavirus, since there is really no precedent to compare it to. Trump easily can argue his record against that of the Obama adminstration. All of the evidence shows the race relations and tensions heightened during Obama’s presidency due to lack of leadership and action.

If Biden wants to run on the coat tails of Obama, he better pick differnt talking points. This violence is not all President Trump’s fault. It’s the result and lingering of a failed Obama second term.

All of the talking points across the country are to blame Trump. I shared on my most recent podcast a clip of the Portland Mayor, accusing Trump of being the problem. I shared in a recent article, that all of the mainstream media and Democrats were blaming President Trump.

No matter how you look at this, these issues started long before Trump took office. The Democrats are trying to start a race war. They are trying to keep dividing our country with the mainstream media’s help.

You can hear more comments and thoughts on the matter by listening to the most recent episode of my podcast. You can find the link below.

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Democrats insist that it is all Trump’s fault

Over the past several days, Democrats have started to double down on their claims that everything is Trump’s fault. As violence continues to rage in Democrat-led cities across they country, they want to claim that it is Trump who is causing the issues.  The past weekend saw a Trump supporter, who was labeled an alt-right extremist by the media, shot and killed in Portland.

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