Kenosha speaker says its time for the killing of white people

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Charlotte, NC — In a speech on Saturday, a speaker at a Kenosha rally declared that it is time for blacks to start killing white people. He said, “if you kill one of us, its time for us to kill one of yours.” In his other comments, he said that “we didn’t do nothing to nobody” and that black people “is the most forgiving people on this planet.”

This comes as continued riots and protests are happening in response to the killing of Jacob Blake. You can see the comments of the speaker in the video below. As a warning, be aware that this video does contain some foul language.

For such a forgiving group of people, the riots continue as they demand action. Rather than waiting for justice to play out through the investigations, they are rioting and destroying property. Images shared by The Daily Mail show that these are not forgiving people, but a vengeful people.

A local news outlet tried to downplay the story saying that the speaker simply strayed from the message. Does this seem like straying from the message? It seems like a threat to white people and possibly law enforcement officers in the area.

Also speaking at this event on Saturday was the Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. Barnes made headlines by saying that Kenosha did not need President Trump visiting not long after his appearance at this rally. Is Barnes supporting the murder of whites out of retaliation? He has yet to speak out against the words used.

Kenosha has become the center of the most recent events in the race wars that the Democrats are pushing across the country. Jacob Blake was shot by law enforcement one week ago after refusing to cooperate with officers who were attempting to serve warrants on him for his arrest. Supporters have argued he was unarmed, while images show he had a knife and was reaching into a vehicle. No other weapon was found on the scene.

Additional deaths have occurred due to the riots in the area. Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old, has been charged with murder for shootings that left 2 dead. His attorney’s argument is that he was protecting his community and acting in self-defense.

On Sunday, Democrats across the country attempted to place the blame for the violent actions on President Trump. The mainstream media joined in the action pointedly saying that Trump is responsible for these actions, yet, all of the violence is occurring in Democrat-ran cities.

Rather than stepping up to end the violence, Democrats are using the violence for political gain. They are attempting to use them to blame Trump, allowing more Americans to lose their business and property. Americans are tired of the continued violence.

President Trump has offered support to local officials, who have rejected the offers. They prefer to allow lawlessness to continue. How many more Americans will end up losing their lives or livelihood, before Democrats will act?

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