Herschel Walker: If Professional Sports REALLY Want Change They’ll Bring in Both Parties

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Herschel Walker was on FOX and Friends Weekend this morning and he shared his thoughts on the recent moves in professional sports related to Black Lives Matter. 

Football great Herschel Walker gave an incredible presentation this past week at the RNC.  He supports President Trump and let people know he doesn’t agree with or appreciate people who call President Trump racist.

Today Walker discussed the recent efforts in sports to support the radical liberal point of view and BLM.  Walker shared when asked what should be done:

Well, I think first of all what the NFL should do is do both sides.  I hope this is not slanted only to support the Democratic side because if you want social justice, if anything, is to bring both parties together.

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You know, one thing I have noticed and I continue to cry out and I’m going to shout from the roof top is if you want to make changes, you gotta have the Democrat and the Republican people to come together.  And I go back to Senator Scott.  You know the Democrat didn’t even want to meet.

And then you go to right now and the only time the Democrat has decided to denounce the violence in the street is when they found out they were starting to lose in the polls. And now the NFL I hope, hope, hope and I pray you bring both sides together.  This President and this Administration has reached out to say come meet, let’s meet, let’s talk and no one has decided to do it so I am praying that that’s what they’re going to do.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend:

Herschel Walker is a patriot and who wants real change – and he was one hell of a great player too.

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