Here is how a Christian can support President Trump in 2020

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Charlotte, NC — Across the country, Christians are under attack for potentially supporting President Trump. Recently, over 350 faith leaders came out in support of Joe Biden, saying they could not support Trump for his “immoral actions.” Across social media and in the mainstream media, Christians have been asked and berated about how they could support such an “immoral” man.

Publications that claim to be Christian have come out and questioned Trump and stated they could not support him. The editor argued for Trump to be removed from office. We even saw Rev. Billy Graham’s granddaughter write an op-ed recently claiming she did not want to see Trump in office for another term.

They argue that it is the way he acts. They argue that it is is actions towards women and how he promotes white supremacy, even as Trump has actively spoken out against white supremacy. They want to eliminate a man from the presidency because he does not portray the persona of being perfect.

As I have said many times before, I do not believe President Trump is a perfect man. There are things he has said and things he has done that I would not want to do personally. Yet, I also realize that everyone can find forgiveness for their actions.

Many have asked me, “how can a Christian support Donald Trump in how he acts and the things he does?” It’s true; if you simply believe the mainstream media hype, you will also believe that President Trump is a bad, bad man. But I do believe that a Christian can support President Trump and still be right with God.

I find it concerning that we would simply write off a man due to his past. We want to say that a felon can reform themselves and be a contributing member to society. We also want to say that a person can find forgiveness from sin in the eyes of God. Yet, we do not want to say that our President could have made mistakes?

Every President throughout our nation’s history has had imperfections. Thomas Jefferson was known to have had an affair and a child with one of his slaves. Many presidents were pro-slavery, holding slaves as the left has shared multiple times over recent months. President Warren Harding had many affairs and a child born out of wedlock. Then we all know about more recent examples, like John F Kennedy or Bill Clinton.

What we see throughout our history is that a President is simply just another person; they are human. They are just as guilty of the temptations that every other person faces, and just as capable of falling to those temptations.

It also concerns me that we would simply push aside President Trump, who is a strong advocate for life and the first amendment. Joe Biden goes against his Catholic faith in supporting abortion. He was also part of an administration that the Supreme Court found violating religious freedom with Obamacare mandates.

If, as a Christian, you can support someone that openly supports abortion, chances are you need to search your heart. If you believe that Joe Biden is about religious freedom, you are being fooled by the mainstream media. But those are not the only ways that I believe a Christian can find peace in supporting President Trump.

Often, Democrats and the mainstream media have used scripture to attack Christians for their support of Trump. Rather than using it to attack someone, why do we not look to it to help support our decision? Take, for example, Matthew 22:21, where the verse famously says “render unto Caesar” as so many like to quote.

Simply, the verse is saying to give unto the government that which is owed the government, but to God that which is owed to God. What would be owed to the government? These would be things like taxes, obeying the law, honoring elected officials. I think what is important here is the name of the person that Jesus mentions in his teachings.

Caesar references the emperors of Rome during the Julio-Claudian Dynasty period. These leaders were known for being ruthless, totalitarian rulers. They forced their will on anyone under their rule and had no desire to hear a different opinion. That sounds very familiar to the views of the left at this moment, doesn’t it?

Even though these people were horrible people, by the truest of definitions, Jesus did not tell these people to fight against them. They were not told to eliminate them or to rise in violent riots and protests until they got their way. He gave the instruction to respect them and honor them as their leaders. You certainly do not see that from this group on the left in the current political climate.

I am not saying that President Trump is comparable to the Roman rulers and a totalitarian ruler. There are a lot of people that will jump on what I said and claim that I am agreeing Trump is a horrible person. That is not what I am saying at all. I am saying that a Christian can support President Trump because President Trump is nothing like the left is portraying him to be.

President Trump is nowhere close to the evils of the Roman empire. Trump has promoted freedom of religion and the value of human life once again. He has promoted religious values that are important to Christians. Would that not seem like a good idea of why to support him?

If you are still stuck on the things from the past, you must remember that Trump is far from a perfect man. So are each and every one of us. God did not ask for us to be perfect. He asked that we strive to show others the nature of Christ in us. This means understanding forgiveness, repentance, and understanding that evil exists in everything in this life.

God has never chosen to do his work in the lives of humans through perfect people. Rev. Billy Graham was not perfect; neither were any of our founding fathers. Look at the amazing things that they all accomplished when people were not looking for perfection. We have to stop looking for perfection in a person that is human just like we are.

So how can a Christian support President Trump in 2020? A Christian can support Trump by ending the search for perfection, and seeing that God can use an imperfect person to accomplish his plan. Christians can support Trump realizing that anytime you do any work for God evil will attack it relentlessly. Finally, a Christian can support Trump by praying for him, then voting for him. He is much less threatening to your faith than the alternative.

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