Democrat’s Sunday mission was to force blame for protests on Trump

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Charlotte, NC — As Democrats made their rounds on the Sunday television circuit, there was one common theme. Each one of them was working to blame President Trump for the violence that has been occurring in Democrat-led cities across the country. Even the suggestion is absurd.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was one of the first to make the comments. Schiff says that Trump is fanning the flames of violence across the country. He said that Trump is responsible for the clashes between Black Lives Matter protestors, Antifa, and police.

Schiff also said that Trump would not act to end the violence. Perhaps this is a great time to remind everyone that Trump has been more than willing to act to end the violence. He sent federal forces to Oregon and has said he would send the forces to other cities if requested.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) was the second person to take to the Democrat’s talking points in saying that American’s are not safe in Trump’s America. She said that hate crimes are on the rise and that 3,600 people have died during the RNC. Specifically, she’s referring to coronavirus deaths that were impossible to prevent completely.

She condemned President Trump’s calling of violent protestors thugs. It’s probably also worth noting that President Obama did the same thing when talking about rioters during his presidency. The Democrats do not want Americans to see the truth; they want them to hear the talking points and to follow the agenda.

NBC’s Chuck Todd went after White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows over the same subject on Sunday as well. He tried to say that Americans should blame President Trump for the violence. Meadows was quick to strike back, sharing the truth.

Meadows told Todd that multiple times help had been offered to these Democrats for their cities, but they continue to decline the help. Todd tried to ask Meadows if he was saying that these cities were not part of Trump’s America. It was an absolutely ridiculous attempt to blame Trump for the violence this way.

Trump has attempted to help these Democrats, but they decline. President Trump sees the role of the federal government as it should be. The federal government is not to step in and overrule states taking away their autonomy. That is the beautiful thing about our country.

Our country was designed so that the federal government supports the states, not the other way around. Yet, the Democrats and their partners at the mainstream media want a federal government that will step in and takes over. They want a communist government, not a free government.

There is no way to spin this story that can actually place the blame on President Trump. President Trump has been pushing for law and order from the beginning, while the Democrats continue to remain silent. If the Democrats were in full control, there is no telling how far this violence would have gone.

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