Democrat operative says voter fraud is real and he has been doing it for years

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Washington, DC — One Democratic operative has shared information about mail-in voting fraud, sharing that it is more often the rule than the exception. In an exclusive story to the NY Post, the operative admits to conducting voter fraud for years, on great levels across New Jersey. It was not just once, but the operative admits that they have been doing this for decades.

The NY Post shared that they have reviewed records and that some of the biggest names in NJ politics have benefitted from his work. He shares that he has delivered in many close races and that he has trained operatives in many states, including the 2020 swing states.

The article continues sharing how they would copy ballots, convince voters to allow them to mail completed ballots on their behalf, and then would change the ballot to the candidate that they were assisting. The operative shared that many times postal workers are in on the scam as well, which is especially concerning given the Democrats have been pushing to shore up the USPS with additional funding recently.

He also shared that nursing facilities were “gold mines” for voter fraud. If they were not successful by the means shared above, they would impersonate voters where voter ID was not required. Finally, he shared that they were able to bribe the homeless in exchange for their vote.

This continues to highlight the going theme of voter fraud that everyone is becoming more aware exists. Several weeks ago, I shared on a podcast about how the media wants you to believe that voter fraud is so rare, it never happens. One Democratic strategist even said that there were billions of votes that override the hundreds of fraudulent votes. There aren’t a billion people in the United States for starters.

Someone can easily see after hearing this story that fraudulent votes add up, and this is not something on a small scale. Still, mainstream media like The NY Times, ABC News, NPR, and many more all want you to believe that voter fraud does not exist. They want you to believe that it is not a real threat.

Just this week, a prime example of voter fraud was uncovered in New Mexico. How many instances happen like this when it is not found or uncovered before the vote being cast? Add this along with the many other examples of voter fraud that can be found.

Voter fraud is real, and there is evidence all across the country of it happening. While the mainstream media wants to say that it is President Trump committing this voter fraud, there is continued evidence of Democratic involvement like the example above.

The Heritage Foundation has done some of the greatest research into voter fraud across the US. On their website, you can learn more about the types of voter fraud that are committed and research their database into election fraud as well.

Americans need to demand election security in their elections to assure that their voice and votes are counted. Democrats continue to wage war against securing elections through voter ID laws and other measures that will help secure elections.

If the voter fraud is as widespread as the operative above claims, the election may not have been as close as most suspect. It also shows us that many swing states could be swayed through voter fraud. Many of the states in 2016 were close races. Races that could easily go blue with the right operatives in place.

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