Mollie Hemingway: Black Speakers At RNC Pushed Back Against False Racism Charges Like Never Before | Video

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Thursday on FOX News Channel’s “Special Report” panel, Mollie Hemingway said that Joe Biden lying about a comment from the Trump campaign’s Kellyanne Conway is a common Democratic tactic, but this year Republicans are fighting back against false charges of racism:

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: It’s no surprise Joe Biden would be lying about what Kellyanne Conway actually said. Joe Biden has based his entire campaign, where he had been falsely accusing Donald Trump of saying something that he didn’t say about the Charlottesville riots. He’s been lying and saying that he praised white supremacists when he denounced them.

What is interesting about this is the Republican convention is fighting back hard against this charge.

It’s very common for race-baiting to be something that is done in the at the end of an elections and Republicans usually cower. What you’ve seen is, night after night of prominent black speakers talking about some of those lies that have been told and responding to them. Also making the case for voting for Trump based on actual policy substance, not just platitudes. Saying he is the guy that did criminal justice reform, he’s the guy getting funding for HBCUs. He achieved historic gains in job growth and it is like the Republicans are excited to talk about it is and neutralizing what Biden thought would be a typical Republican race where you accuse people of racism and the Republicans don’t fight back. This time they’re fighting back and they’re working hard for that black vote. It’s been unlike he anything we’ve seen in the Republican convention in decades.

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