Faith leaders willing to give away religious freedom by supporting Biden

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Charlotte, NC — Over the past few weeks, it seems we continue to see more and more “faith leaders” coming out in support of Joe Biden. On Friday, The Hill shared about 350 faith leaders endorsing Biden saying there is a need for “moral leadership.” Democrats have argued as part of official campaign ads that there is a need for moral leadership, as they focus on religious advertising.

In the same Christianity Today article, the discussion was also made about evangelical dissatisfaction with Trump. The article suggested that evangelicals may just stay home and not vote, rather than vote for President Trump. If you are like me, it seems that the article wants to encourage evangelicals to stay at home in favor of helping Joe Biden.

The real question I have is how can faith leaders, who claim it is immoral to support President Trump, support Joe Biden? We are told President Trump is so immoral, that supporting him as a person of faith is contradicting our faith. Would the same not be true in supporting Joe Biden?

There are a few examples of how Joe Biden does not necessarily line up with the beliefs of many people of faith. The first is in the case of abortion. We are told that Joe Biden is a Catholic. The Catholic church is a strong opponent of all types of abortion.

If we use the same logic as used against evangelical support of President Trump, this pro-abortion stance would immediately be a disqualifier for most faith leaders to support Biden. To pose the same question they pose, is this not making themselves a hypocrite for supporting him as he supports the killing of millions of unborn?

Perhaps that one was too easy, but you get the idea. The real conflict that comes amid the support of Joe Biden is in regard to religious freedom. While some have argued that Joe Biden will support religious freedom, will he truly support it in the way that the constitution would mean? Meaning, would houses of worship find themselves exempt from many certain laws to freely practice their religion.

For example, would evangelicals, who generally do not support the LGBTQ movement, still find the freedom to believe that such a lifestyle is wrong? Currently, President Trump has supported that freedom. Interestingly, he has also been a very clear supporter of the LGBTQ movement as well.

It seems his general philosophy is one of freedom overall. He supports your ability to live your lifestyle as you would like to live, but he supports the ability of someone to practice their religion, which may believe your lifestyle is wrong.

This is where the real issue comes to light. Biden may claim that he is a man of faith and that he will support religious freedom. Will he truly support religious freedom? Recent comments, and lack of comments, give me some cause for concern.

Biden has not spoken out about the anti-semitic comments made by many members of Congress. These members of Congress want to openly support the BDS movement, whose goal is to destroy Israel. For the Jews around the country, this would be an issue as they view this as their Holy Land.

Biden also spoke out about the recent Supreme Court decision to exempt Little Sisters of the Poor from the contraception mandate. This group was in a small loophole in the law because they did not employ one specific group, Catholics. Biden has said he plans to reverse the rule, placing the group back under the requirements of the law, which the Supreme Court agreed would violate their religious beliefs.

This does not seem like someone that supports religious freedom at all. It seems like someone that says you can have religion, as long as it aligns with what is socially acceptable.

These “faith leaders” are not really leading into a place of faith for people, but rather a place of submitting their people to the demands of the government. The argument made by many has been “render unto Cesar” which is far removed from what this scripture means. Giving government their part is one thing, giving away your religious freedom is different.

Supporting Joe Biden is not a decision that leads to “moral leadership” as these have said. In using their logic, it’s just as immoral a decision as supporting President Trump.  By supporting Biden, these “faith leaders” are willing to give away their religious freedom, all in the name of being socially acceptable.

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