Don Lemon Now Urging Joe Biden To Give A Speech Addressing Political Violence

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Democrats and the media must be looking at some horrific polling numbers on the riots and violence happening in multiple cities.

A few days ago, Joe Biden finally mentioned the rioting and looting, something that was never addressed during the Democratic National Convention.

He did so a day after CNN’s Don Lemon mentioned that the violence is starting to have a negative impact on Democrat polling numbers.

Now Don Lemon is urging Biden to give a speech on the subject.

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The Hill reports:

CNN’s Don Lemon calls on Biden to ‘stand at a podium’ in addressing violence

CNN anchor Don Lemon on Thursday implored Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to “stand at a podium in D.C.” and “not in a Zoom thing in his house” to discuss increasing violence in some American cities.

“I think his message would be stronger if he stands in front of a podium, and not in a zoom thing at his house. I’m just being honest,” Lemon said during a discussion with fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo responded by saying “presentation matters,” prompting a response from Lemon.

“Presentation matters,” he echoed. “To come out and stand at a podium in D.C., or wherever, even in Wisconsin, and say — listen, this is what I expected today if they were going to really come out and do the thing right, whether it was going to be Kamala Harris or Joe Biden: ‘Good afternoon, everyone. The rioting has to stop. The violence has to stop. And under a Biden-Harris administration, there will be no lawlessness on the street.’ “

So Don Lemon, who is supposedly some kind of journalist, is now basically advising the Biden campaign?

People can see through this. Democrats only care now because of polling numbers.

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