CNN’s Anderson Cooper says Trump supporters are killers

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Charlotte, NC — CNN’s Anderson Cooper just placed all Trump supporters in a group together, as a group of killers. The comments came on Thursday night after the President’s acceptance of the GOP nomination for President. He made the comments amid a panel discussion.

In the comments, panelists were arguing over President Trump when one suggested that there were over 50 examples of times where President Trump was cited as a reason for violence. The panelist suggested that those types of situations never happened under Bush or Obama. Then Cooper decided to step in.

He reminded everyone of the situation with Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin, the 17-year-old who has been charged with murder after killing two rioters who were attempting to catch him. The video has sparked people on both sides of the political aisle to either support or denounce his actions.

In his comments, Cooper said, “one of those people” referring to Trump supporters and Rittenhouse. He then had the audacity to say that human life matters.

Cooper has had no issues with human life in the past. He is an avid liberal, who continually supported the left-wing causes under President Obama. He had no issues with Benghazi, using the situation to attack candidate Mitt Romney who was critical of the event at the time.

Cooper can argue that none of these attacks happened during the Obama administration, but that was because the administration was too busy killing Americans themselves. They killed 4 in Benghazi and there were multiple deaths through the Fast and Furious operation.

Cooper has not stood against the violence of left-wing radical groups either. He has not stood against Antifa or the Black Lives Matter riots that have resulted in multiple deaths and destruction of businesses and property. After all, those violent groups are “peaceful” they like to say.

It’s interesting how Cooper will conveniently forget or misrepresent facts to have another chance to attack Republicans and conservatives. This is just part of the media’s overall plan. They want to label all conservatives and Republicans as violent extremists.

CNN has been one of the worst offenders in sharing liberal propaganda to label Republicans and conservatives extremists. They have tried to find any way possible to label anything in life as white supremacy, racist, and violent towards liberals. In 2017, the organization said that ordinary people were “white supremacists by default.”

Now, not only are Republicans and conservatives white supremacists, racists, and bigots, they are also killers. Thinking of wearing your Trump 2020 hat out in public? Perhaps your MAGA hat? You are instantly labeled a killer to the radical left.

If you place those things on your head, or God forbid you were to wear a Trump shirt, you look like a deer hunter going out to find dinner, according to Anderson Cooper. What’s next? Will posting a conservative meme on social media will get you placed on a terrorism watch list? The sad thing is that we are almost at this point already.

The left conveniently forgets the details of what their leadership does, while labeling all conservatives and Republicans into one group. They do not believe that anyone in their right mind can be conservative. As I said in my podcast that released on Friday, it’s becoming dangerous to be a conservative in America.

The mainstream media is driving division in our country that we may never recover from. If a President Biden were to be elected, the persecution of conservatives will only increase. Now, more than ever, it’s important to speak out and show that not all conservatives are killers.

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It is a dangerous time to be Conservative in America

Across America, conservatives are learning that the current images of our great nation are not what we have become accustomed to. No longer is it safe to have or share your opinion, because you will be labeled, threatened, or even worse, physically attacked.

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