Arizona Man: Trump Helped Get Justice for Wife’s Murder by Illegal Alien

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Sam Vigil, an Arizona man whose wife was killed during a carjacking, speaks virtually at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. (Screenshot)

Sam Vigil, an Arizona man whose wife was killed during a carjacking, speaks virtually at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. (Screenshot)

( – An Arizona man whose wife was killed during a carjacking in her own driveway credited President Donald Trump on Wednesday with helping to bring  the illegal alien who killed her to justice.

During his speech delivered virtually at the Republican National Convention, Sam Vigil praised Trump for launching Operation LeGend, which is a law enforcement operation named after four-year-old Legend Taliferro, who was shot and killed while he slept in his Missouri apartment.

“It started out like any other day. She left for the gym early in the morning. I heard the garage door open, but seconds later, I heard the car horn. I went outside to see if she had forgotten something. What I saw was a Jeep blocking her car in the driveway. I noticed a bullet hole in hole Jackie’s window,” Vigil said.

“I saw someone jumping into the Jeep and speeding away. Jackie had been shot and killed in cold blood. We think it was a car-jacking gone wrong, very wrong. Every time I open the garage door or stand in the driveway, I hear that horn. I see her slumped in the seat. When I go to bed at night, that sound and image haunt me. That’s my life sentence. It’s a sentence being served by too many families left behind by senseless killings,” he said.

“Albuquerque, where I live, is one of the most violent cities in the country. Fewer than 50 percent of homicides are solved. It is a sad irony that Jackie immigrated to the U.S. for a better life than her native Colombia – only to be gunned down in her own driveway,” Vigil said.

“For over eight months, there were no arrests and no leads in connection with Jackie’s murder. The Albuquerque police were overwhelmed. They needed help. Help arrived when President Trump launched Operation LeGend in July of this year,” he said.

“Almost immediately, the FBI took over Jackie’s case. In a matter of days, they arrested four men. The fifth –  the suspected killer –  is in a Texas jail on unrelated charges. He is an illegal alien with a criminal record. He had been deported in September and had come back in October to terrorize our community,” Vigil said.

“I am extremely grateful to President Trump and the FBI for their efforts to deliver justice for Jackie and all the other innocent victims of violent crime. I am honored to support the president because he supported us. I know he will never stop fighting for justice, for law and order, and for peace and security in our communities,” he added.

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