Twitter supports threatening comments against law enforcement officers

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Charlotte, NC — There is an old saying that goes, “actions speak louder than words.” On Wednesday, Twitter made a big statement in its actions and comments. Essentially, Twitter said that it supports threats against law enforcement officers.

The action comes as Shaun King, an activist and podcast host with over 1 million followers on the platform, threatened the safety of law enforcement officers on Tuesday. King called for the name of the officer that shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha. The shooting has sparked riots across the city over several nights.

Twitter made comments to the NY Post on Wednesday that the tweet did not violate any of their policies. The policies in question are around threatening harm to an identifiable group. It’s the same policy that has been used against President Trump in the past.

In saying that the post did not violate any policy, allowing the threat to remain online, Twitter is supporting threats to law enforcement and violence to those officers. If one single officer from Kenosha has their information released online or is injured, should Twitter executives be held accountable and charged with aiding the crime? That is the same argument that the left uses against President Trump.

Wisconsin law enforcement officers gave into the push to release the officer’s information, releasing his name on Wednesday. Other details were released on Wednesday, sharing that Blake was not supposed to be at the location he was at. He also had a weapon, and the officers had attempted to arrest him by using non-lethal force prior to the shooting.

According to other sources, Blake had recently been charged with sexual assault, trespassing, and had a warrant out for his arrest. Yet, media stories continue to report that he was a loving, family man that was just spending time with his 3 sons. The entire story the media is telling is crumbling around them as details continue to come out.

As Walsh explained in the article linked above, the officers have multiple reasons for potentially using deadly force. That is not the story the mainstream media is telling. They continue saying that an “unarmed” “family man” was killed in cold blood because he is black by a law enforcement officer.

Rather than waiting to let justice play out, the left immediately starts rioting. Now, more people are dead. Many people have lost businesses and property across the town. What point do the continued riots serve other than cause more death and destruction?

Tucker Carlson shared on Tuesday night that these people are young people committing acts of violence. He shared that these riots are class warfare being disguised as a race conflict. He’s exactly right.

Everyone has to remember, this is Joe Biden’s America. Joe Biden said in a video that what he saw made him sick. All he saw was a race situation, one where an officer shot a black man “in broad daylight.” He doesn’t see a situation that needs investigation to prove the move was appropriate. He has already judged that officer and in Biden’s dementia ridden mind, he is guilty.

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Once again, a Black man – Jacob Blake – was shot by the police. In front of his children. It makes me sick.Is this the country we want to be?Needless violence won’t heal us. We need to end the violence – and peacefully come together to demand justice.

Mainstream media has argued that Biden does not want to “defund the police” as has been suggested at the RNC this week. Ok, maybe he has not said that specifically, but he is not committing to support them either. They are immediately classified as criminals in his mind because it panders to his supporters.

By doing this, Joe Biden is also supporting violence against law enforcement officers. While the mainstream media wants to attack Trump for comments that “incite violence,” they completely ignore these two that are inciting violence against those who protect and serve. The move is absolutely sickening.

While President Trump is not perfect, that is not something he would ever stand for. He supports law and order, which means knowing the full story before jumping to conclusions. Instead, this officer is guilty, and his life is at risk, thanks to the mainstream media, social media, and the Democrats.

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