The Path Is Open to a GOP Sweep

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The riots, looting and arson that have broken out across America, with tacit or open support from many Democratic politicians, have radically changed the outlook for November’s elections. I wrote last night about the organized assault on civilization that reigned last night in Minneapolis. Utterly incompetent governance at the state and local levels, combined with a sympathy for violent Marxists like those associated with Black Lives Matter, have led to a total breakdown of law and order.

I posted videos of some of the looting last night. At least four businesses were also set on fire. I want to add just one more video showing Joe Biden voters looting the Saks store on the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis:

The Democrats would have us believe that these people are looting because of their great pain over Jacob Blake. Is there a single person who actually believes that, or who would try to justify looting, arson and rioting on this or any other ground?

Possibly Tina Smith would. A former abortion executive, Smith is an incumbent senator from Minnesota. A faceless politician, she is vulnerable if 2020 is a good year for Republicans. Her opponent is our friend Jason Lewis. Compare Smith’s recent tweets with Jason’s. This is what Senator Smith has had to say over the last 24 hours:

I suppose it would be possible to be more tone-deaf, but it wouldn’t be easy. Now check out what Jason Lewis says about riots and looting:

The Democrats have no idea how to reel back the whirlwind of crime and violence that they have unleashed. I now think that President Trump will carry both Wisconsin and Minnesota, which will ensure his re-election. I also think that Jason Lewis will defeat Tina Smith, helping the GOP to hold the Senate. The most recent polling has the race a dead heat. If you want to help Jason Lewis, go here.

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