Former Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz Gives His Three Reasons to Support President Trump in 2020 (VIDEO)

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Lou Holtz, the great leader and former football coach of Notre Dame spoke tonight in support of President Trump.  The classy and popular former coach knows a winner when he sees one.

Holtz shared that he is voting for President Trump based on three words that he’s made his decisions on.  He said he uses these three words to make his choices about everything.  And they are:

**  Trust: Can I trust them? “When a leader tells you something, you got to be able to count on them.  That’s President Trump.”

**  Commitment: Are they committed to doing their very best? “President Trump always finds a way to get something done.  If you want to do something bad enough, you will find a way.”

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**  Love: Do they love people? “Do they care about others?  To me this is very clear.”

Holtz, one of the greatest coaches in US football history took multiple programs from shoddy beginnings to the top.  He took a Notre Dame team than hadn’t won a championship for years to the very top.

Holtz shows that a great coach is always coaching and he uses all the time he has to keep coaching.  His way of coaching is smart and always filled with love.  Holtz clearly loves this great country because he is voting for President Trump.

Even if you were not going to vote for the President, you gained something by listening to coach Holtz.  You gained lessons on life.  Good men like Holtz stand with America and President Trump.

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