McCloskeys Receive Threats After Speaking Out Against Violent BLM Mob and Missouri Marxist Candidate for Congress Cori Bush

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On Monday night Mark and Patricia McCloskey spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Mark McCloskey, who along with his wife Patricia was forced to protect their St. Louis home when marauding protesters stormed their neighborhood, told reporters violence and riots are coming “to a neighborhood near you.”

They know this firsthand. It came to their quiet neighborhood earlier this year.

“We have a God-given right to defend ourselves. The right of self-defense is one of the most basic civil rights — one of the most basic human rights,” Mark McCloskey told “Fox & Friends.” “You cannot have freedom and an opportunity to advance unless you have basic safety and security, and that it is not just limited to big cities. They are bringing it to a neighborhood near you,” McCloskey said.

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It was a powerful speech. It is something every American fears for their home and family.
Democrats did not address the recent riots during their convention all last week.

But now — to the surprise of no one — the McCloskeys are receiving threats for daring to speak out against the Black Lives Matter mob and Missouri Marxist Cori Bush who is likely heading to Washington DC in the fall.

KSDK reported:

The couple’s attorney, Albert S. Watkins, sent out an email Tuesday afternoon that said the McCloskeys have been subjected to an “onslaught of threats and acts of intimidation. Appropriate security measures have been put into place and added measures are being implemented.”

“My clients will not shake like small dogs passing razor blades,” said Albert S. Watkins. “Instead their resolve to stand true to their core constitutionally protected beliefs are steeled.

“The right to protect one’s family and home is primal, protected by the law, and not one the McCloskeys are willing to permit to be subrogated to threats, intimidation and cowardly acts of bullies,” Watkins said in the email.

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