DON’T BELIEVE THE DIRTY LIARS IN THE LIBERAL MEDIA on the RNC Numbers — Snap Online Count Shows the Real Enthusiasm Is with President Trump!

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The liberal media on Tuesday led by the far left Drudge Report reported that the numbers for Sleepy Joe topped Day 1 of the Republican National Convention.
The results were based on Nielsen ratings.

According to Nielsen 17 million viewed Trump and the GOP on Day 1 of the RNC Convention.
And 19.7 million tuned in to DNC Convention last week.

But this is another trick of the liberal media — and it is disgusting!

Millions of Americans tuned in to watch the historic RNC convention last night online.

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On Facebook—
President Trump has 28.9 million followers on Facebook.

Trump had 4.9 million viewers on night one.

Joe Biden has 2.7 million followers on Facebook.

Joe Biden had 2.3 million viewers on night one.

On Twitter–
At Twitter President Trump has 85.5 million followers to Biden’s 8.8 million followers.

On YouTube– President Trump dominates!

At YouTube Day 1 of the RNC vs Day 1 of the DNC President Trump had 4 followers to Biden’s 3:

This was just a snap count of online websites and the amazing traffic for Donald Trump.

The numbers do not include ALL of the Facebook and YouTube accounts that shared last night’s RNC.

The polls are fake, the media is biased.  Don’t even believe the corrupt MSM that President Trump is not winning this year’s Presidential race.  President Trump is trouncing Sleepy Joe.

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