What the media is force feeding Americans is absolutely disgusting

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Charlotte, NC — President Trump has been super clear in what he is proposing as part of his second term. He decided to publicly post his platform, rather than hide it as the DNC did last week. Yet, there’s a massive cover-up of his message, censoring conservatives yet again.

The mainstream media has committed to covering up the message of the RNC and President Trump through interruptions, fact-checking with their opinion, as well as potentially denying viewers the ability to hear directly from President Trump. This action by the mainstream media is a failure of the media to do their job, allowing the American people to hear from both sides of the aisle.

On the most recent episode of The Jared Dyson Show, Jared talked about how the mainstream media is failing the American people. Jared shared that Americans deserve the opportunity to hear what both sides are saying. Americans should be able to educate themselves and make a decision.

A message the left is trying to hide

In this episode, Jared talks about the recent efforts by the left to complete sabotage any message from President Trump or Republicans. It seems no matter the subject, they have a plan to keep the story from being heard.  The first comes in relation to the recent announcement about convalescent plasma as a potential treatment for COVID-19.

Jared described how the Democrats failed to produce any part of their platform. Their only solution is that President Trump is a bad, bad man. Jared shared how everyone knows that President Trump is not a perfect man. Yet, he is far better than anything the Democrats have offered so far.

Jared also shared that the American public also needs to be able to be educated on what the so-called “moderate” Republicans are walking away from. Those, like Bush and Romney, who have said that they could not support Trump. Americans need to see the platform that they are walking away from, and what they are going to.

They are not moving from crazy to moderate. They are moving from conservative to radical. Americans may not understand that though, because the DNC and the media hid the Democrats platform last week at the DNC. Jared describes how this is a disgusting failure of the mainstream media.

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