The 2020 election will not be the first time Democrats attempt mail-in voting fraud

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Charlotte, NC — Across most media outlets, a common theme is the need for mail-in voting. Democrats argue that Americans are unable to safely vote without a vote by mail option in November. President Trump, and most conservatives, all oppose a general vote by mail election because of the fraud risks associated with voting by mail.

The White House shared a file from Heritage Foundation, which has researched voter fraud to a great extent. Most of the examples shared are more recent and were found in many states across the country. There’s one case of voter fraud. However, that shows how Democrats have attempted the vote by mail scandal in a big way before.

The Washington Post ran a story by Dustin Waters, where many of the same concerns that conservatives outline happened. In his article, Dustin shares a lot of the story behind an elaborate mail-in voting scheme that attempted to keep Republican Abraham Lincoln from being reelected.

The scheme involved a lot of people in a coordinated effort. It involved fraudulent signatures and Democrat operatives who were eventually charged for their crimes. It shows how easily the mail-in voter fraud could occur. While we have come a long way in technology, the Democrats refuse to secure the election appropriately for any form of election.

Just because we make voting convenient through a vote by mail option, does not mean that it eliminates the fraud associated with hit. The media has been on the bandwagon promoting vote by mail, saying that there are so few cases it is of no concern. Yet, it’s been a concern for over 100 years.

The Daily Signal shared a great conversation with concerns about voter fraud. It shared how voter registrations are not entirely accurate and that simply mailing out ballots to everyone on the registration list would easily send ballots to those who are no longer living at those residents, those who have died, or people that may have moved and are registered multiple places. Those people could potentially receive numerous ballots.

This could open up the election for fraud due to ballot harvesters (a cause Democrats have pushed for), allowing them to go around to collect any ballots. Are we really to think that they would turn in a blank ballot, rather than filling it out and forging it for their candidate?

Which brings us back to the Lincoln example. This is exactly what happened in 1864, as ballots were forged and sent in on behalf of those who should have received them. It resulted in hundreds of ballots that were used for sick, wounded, and dead soldiers to vote for Lincoln’s competition.

So this is not the first time that Democrats have called this play out of their playbook. The last time, they tried it under cover of the Civil War. At a time when Democrats were arguing to continue the Civil War and slavery, and Republicans were attempting to end it. Are we willing to risk them doing it again?

In 1864, those who uncovered the voter fraud plans knew that they could not afford to let this continue. They knew they were fighting for the future of their country, to save it from being a country of bondage and slavery. The same could be said as we fight socialism in 2020.

We cannot afford to let this happen. A Joe Biden win in November would be near certain end for our country and place us on the fast track to socialism. The United States cannot afford this type of defeat.

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