Lincoln Project Falsely Accused Person of Shouting “Monkey” — Takes Down Tweet — When President Trump Mentioned Obama During GOP Convention Speech

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The smears never stop. The anti-Trump RINO group the Lincoln Project falsely accused a person in the audience at the Republican National Convention of shouting “Monkey!” when President Trump mentioned former President Obama regarding the Obama administration spying on his 2016 campaign during a speech at the GOP convention in Charlotte, North Carolina Monday.

When Trump mentions Obama, a voice is heard shouting out, “Spygate!” Trump pauses and another softer voice is heard saying, “Sleepy Joe!” Trump jocularly admonishes the speaker saying, “Let’s be nice. Biden…This could only happen in North Carolina.” A third voice is then heard shouting, “Drain the swamp!”

The Trump campaign posted a video clip of Trump’s remarks at 1:25 p.m. EDT, before the controversy was ginned up:

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At 1:39 p.m. the Lincoln Project posted a version of the video and accused Trump of enjoying someone yelling “Monkey!” about Obama, “When President Trump mentioned Obama, someone from the crowd shouted, “Monkey!” and the president relished in it. Disgusting. Do you approve of this @ThomTillis?”

The Lincoln Project deleted their tweet about an hour later (after over 600,000 views), however the the video was also posted by the press secretary for the Lincoln Project, RC Di Mezzo, who also deleted the tweet.

Breaking 911 tried to turn this into a game:

North Caroline state Senator Natasha Marcus spread the Lincoln Project smear, “So Trump thinks that it’s normal in NC to call Obama a “monkey”?! Let’s show him how wrong he is by voting for a #BlueWave that washes away his racist rhetoric and all who support him like Tillis and Forest. #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace”

UPDATE: Jessica Chasamr with the Washington Times noted that NBC News and the Guardian also initially went with the “monkey” smear.

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