The left immediately discredits plasma therapy because it was announced by Trump

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Charlotte, NC — On Sunday, President Trump made a big announcement about a new treatment in the fight against COVID-19. The use of convalescent plasma has been considered for some time, with the Food and Drug Administration giving emergency use authorization on Sunday. In statements, it was said that data would continue to be collected as the use was permitted to determine the effectiveness of the measure.

Within minutes, the mainstream media went nuts attacking the move and saying it was a horrible decision. CNN said that medical experts questioned if there was enough data to know if it works. MSNBC ran a similar article as well.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow likened President Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin. She said that Putin was the laughing stock of the world with his vaccine announcement and that now the US would be the same thanks to President Trump.

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Putin announced his fake “vaccine breakthrough!” without studies and became (yet again) an international laughingstock. Now we’ll do the Trump/U.S. version on therapeutics:

In the studies on the use of convalescent plasma, the mortality rate of those who received the treatment was reduced by 35%. Yes, 35 out of 100 people who received it had their recovery chances improve, but that’s not what the left wants to argue here.

The move to argue against the use of plasma comes one day after Democratic leader Joe Biden said that we must be committed to doing whatever it takes in the fight against coronavirus. He said that we must do anything we can to save a life. Tell that to anyone who would qualify for plasma treatment that the left wants to withhold now.

For the left, this is not about a potential treatment at all. Each and every time President Trump has suggested a potential treatment, they immediately attack it. When there was evidence that hydroxychloroquine could potentially help, immediately it became deadly. It’s worth noting that even Fauci’s agency agreed that HCQ helped in SARS-type viruses 15 years ago.

There’s obviously a conflict or two in the situation here. We have shared about the potential conflict of interest in the financial side of this. Many in the NIH need the vaccines to be successful, rather than finding a successful treatment. This goes much further than just some money at the NIH.

This is about the “fight for the heart and soul of the country,” as Joe Biden likes to call it. The mainstream media and the Democrats know that coronavirus is probably their only way to beat President Trump. How else can you beat a President with a roaring economy that is improving things across the country?

The left capitalized on the coronavirus pandemic, using it for political gain. They used it to help force the country into a recession. It was used to destroy jobs and completely disrupt the American way of life. They used the coronavirus pandemic to fan the flame of Black Lives Matter and cause more division across the country.

The left is not interested in a treatment for the coronavirus. They would rather that you believe in a forced mandatory shut down of the entire country. They would rather you believe that you need to sacrifice everything you have ever worked for, in the name of public safety.

This is not about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir, or convalescent plasma. This is completely about winning an election and control of the country and the mainstream media is continuing to drive the negative press against any possible treatment.

If the left is able to keep American’s hopeless, they believe they can win. If they can continue to shatter the American dream, preying on the fears of Americans coast to coast, they believe they can win. This is their mission and goal.

Joe Biden and the left are not concerned with saving any American lives. If they were, they would be looking for any potential treatment and solution to address the Chinese coronavirus. Instead, they are only looking for ways to attack President Trump.

Be prepared for continued attacks on President Trump and the FDA for this authorization. The new HCQ is going to be convalescent plasma. The media will be on an all-out assault on its use, not caring if it could help or not.

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