Nearly a quarter of Democrats seem unhappy with party platform

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Washington, DC – The Democratic National Convention was held last week and the theme for most of the week was how horrible President Trump is. Speech after speech highlighted how he was a horrible person and did not deserve another term in office. The one thing that was hidden, was the party platform.

The DNC held the vote on the platform secretly and held the results of the vote on the platform until Monday. Outside of a tweet by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), the vote was not discussed. Democrats wanted to appear unified in their cause to eliminate Trump.

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As a party, we must push for a future where every resident has the ability to thrive. That means we need a platform that works to rid our society of oppression and greed. Unfortunately, in my view this platform does not do enough. 2/2

That unity may be a long term issue for the party, as nearly a quarter of the delegates who cast votes on the party platform voted no. Fox News reports that almost 1100 of the party delegates did not support the platform as presented. It’s also interesting to note that this number is almost equal to the number of delegates assigned to Bernie Sanders.

The progressives indicated that they were not happy with the platform saying that it did not go far enough. As Rep. Tlaib shared in her post, they do not believe that the platform went far enough for their causes.

As we have previously reported here at The Liberty Loft, there were some notable absences from the party platform. Those positions that were absent, such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, both have support from the headliners of the Democrat’s ticket for the White House. Biden has supported the Green New Deal while Harris has supported Medicare for All.

It is interesting that the party was so focused on keeping the platform and the vote of the platform a secret. They wanted to continue the appearance of unity, when there was no unity to be had. They want everyone to think they are committed to the cause of eliminating Trump.

That is, in fact, the only thing they have in common. Biden and Harris are both radical in their thinking and any moderate Democrats who believe otherwise are blinded by the flashing lights. The appearance of unity is nothing more than a show, designed to exist until they potentially win the White House.

There are significant divisions within the Democrats that are going to continue to become an issue for them. Sure, they all want to eliminate President Trump. The progressive wing of the party is not going to go away silently. There will be concessions.

Those concessions will be costly as well. We are not talking about small legislations, but we are talking about big ones. Trillions of dollars for the Green New Deal and other plans.

The best thing that can happen is for this division to continue to be exposed as much as possible. Just as much as the mainstream media would like you believe the Republican Party is divided over Trump, the Democrats are divided over their party. It’s almost as if we have four different groups, fighting to win over enough support to win control of our country.

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Democrats are facing a dilemma

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