McCloskeys Warn Violence, Riots Will Come ‘To A Neighborhood Near You’

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Mark McCloskey, who along with his wife Patricia was forced to protect their St. Louis home when marauding protesters stormed their neighborhood, says violence and riot are coming “to a neighborhood near you.”

“We have a God-given right to defend ourselves. The right of self-defense is one of the most basic civil rights — one of the most basic human rights,” Mark McCloskey told “Fox & Friends.” “You cannot have freedom and an opportunity to advance unless you have basic safety and security, and that it is not just limited to big cities. They are bringing it to a neighborhood near you,” McCloskey said.

The McCloskeys made headlines when they grabbed weapons and stood outside their home as Black Lives Matter protesters marched through their neighborhood, trespassing on a private street. The couple, both personal injury lawyers,  were later charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon, although they say they feared for their lives.

Asked about the charges, Patricia said, “In a quite neighborhood you think you have a right to defend yourself and your family, and it is shocking that we are still having the fallout and we’re being pursued. And we will have years of having this follow us.”

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“The lack of law and order and lawlessness is something which is out of control in this country now. But I think they are just protecting themselves,” Mark added.

“This is a prosecutor who has a remarkably low prosecution rate, a remarkably low conviction rate, and I think she is just trying to make an example out of anybody who is willing to stand up against inherent violence and lawlessness in St. Louis,” Mark said.

The pair will appear on Monday night Republican National Convention speech.





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