Little Known Obama US Attorney Barbara McQuade Promoted Radical Immigration Policies In Michigan and Then Moved on to the Russia Collusion Coup

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Little known Obama US Attorney Barbara McQuade supported loose immigration policies in Dearborn, Michigan and then moved on to support the Mueller and Weissmann unconstitutional and criminal coup attempt of President Trump.

We reported in July 2019 that Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib’s father accused his ‘daughter of the year’ Rashida of lying and reporting that she lived in her father’s home in order to run for office in his district.  Next we reported that her father wasn’t the only man Tlaib had a problem with.  Tlaib also accused a man by the name of Imad Hamad of sexually abusing her years ago.

Hamad is one of the key figures in Dearborn, Michigan, a Palestinian from Lebanon who was arrested by the FBI for terror charges and was on the deportation list for years until Clinton removed him (in hopes of winning the Michigan Arab vote).

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Hamad was the head of the American Muslim Anti-Discrimination Committee and Rashida Tlaib’s old boss.  As soon as Tlaib got elected to office, she accused him of sexual harassment and wrote an official complaint letter to to Barbara McQuade, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan.

The letter confirmed that Tlaib knew about Hamad sexual abusing a number of females employees of the ADC for 15 years.

McQuade who knew and worked with Imad Hamad for years did absolutely nothing about it.

The name Barbara McQuade may sound familiar.  This is because she was the one who facilitated Obama’s unrestricted Muslim immigration to Michigan and shelled from prosecution US based Muslim extremists.

Today’s Dearborn is not the same Dearborn from 40 years ago in large part due to actions by individuals like McQuade:

After being let go by President Trump, in 2016-2019 McQuade worked with Mueller and other former Obama attorneys on developing the legal theory behind the Trump Russian collusion and obstruction of justice projects and the anti-Flynn strategies. FYI, McQuade testified during the Muller hearings.

Above is picture of Barbara McQuade the promoter of an anti-American Muslim extremist in Michigan and Trump Russian collusion and legal theorist behind the Flynn the traitor argument. 
Thank God she’s no longer an attorney for the US government.

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