Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Russian Collusion Is Recycled Bunk

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(Above – Senators behind another dishonest report regarding Russian collusion.)

Guest post by Roger Stone

With its publication this week of a tedious, picayune 966-page “report” rehashing the long-since-collapsed ‘Russian collusion’ false narrative, the Senate “Intelligence” Committee joins its discredited House counterpart as another powerful public body co-opted by cynical partisan manipulators to use as an illegitimate tool for inflicting political damage, if not personal destruction, on their most effective adversaries.
This committee ‘report’ is nothing but a naked presidential election year ploy, attempting to resuscitate one of the most vile of all malicious political frauds ever perpetrated on a sitting president.

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A repackaged redux of the repeatedly-debunked Russian collusion smear, this report is clearly the handiwork of the committee’s de facto chairman (though his title is vice-chairman) Senator Mark Warner , (D-Va.) a slippery partisan politician who has proven to be one of the most odious and manipulative of all rabid Trump antagonists in Congress, rivaling Adam Schiff in his penchant for deceitful grandstanding and underhanded partisan abuse of congressional oversight authority. Republicans on the committee are of the RINO variety so the Committee report concludes the exact opposite of the House Intelligence committee under Chairman Devin Nunes in the last Congress. It is notable that the Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) -a “never Trumper”- is most likely on his way to prison for making millions in the stock market based on classified information he got as a member of this Committee. So much for his integrity and the integrity of this carefully timed “report”

The coordinated media roll-out of this re-hash of disinformation, complete with faux-serious statements of ‘grave concern’ and similarly-contrived alarmist fulminations made by the committee’s partisan Democrat feeds trolls for the benefit of eager anti-Trump media cameras, belies any presumptions of a good faith public interested motive behind its release just weeks from the imminent re-election of President Trump.

The report is essentially all re-cycled, now debunked garbage being pushed long beyond it’s sell date. Virtually all of it’s faux-bombshell allegations have been debunked elsewhere including in the declassified documents Acting DNI Director Rick Grenell.

As it regards me the report seeks to recycle the “big lie”. The Committee report says:

The Committee assessed that Trump spoke with Stone about WikiLeaks on “multiple occasions,” despite the fact that the president said he did not recall doing so in written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller.”

Notice the use of the word “assessed”. That’s the expression the Intelligence Agencies use when they decide something is true when the have no evidence or proof of it. That is the case here.

(Picture of Roger Stone after arrest.)

I testified to the House Intelligence Committee that I had not spoken to the President about the Wikileaks disclosures. I was not charged with lying about this – and the President was not accused of lying about it in the Mueller Report because the only evidence to bolster this contrived assertion is the uncorroborated plea-bargain induced testimony of Michael Cohen and Rick Gates.

The report fails to mention that Cohen first said he overheard a call between candidate Trump and me in July of 2016 just before the Democrat National Convention during which WikiLeaks dropped the first batch of DNC related documents and then changed his story saying the call was in August of 2016 just before the Republican National Convention.  Cohen claimed Trump put me on a speaker phone after a secretary told him I was on the line. The secretary in question does not support this story- that’s because it never happened. Cohen was not called as a witness at my trial. His claim cannot be corroborated.

Rick Gates testified at my trial that he saw Trump take a cell phone call from me when riding with candidate Trump in a SUV from Trump Tower to LaGuardia Airport in August of 2016. Gates admitted he did not hear the actual call but said he knew it was a call from me because he said he saw my name pop up on Trump’s cell phone. In view of the fact that he was seated in the in the back of SUV and Trump was in the front seat, how Gates saw this is not clear. I’ve had the same cell phone number for years. My company name pops up when I call someone-not my actual name. Additionally, Gates said there were two Secret Service Agents in the car at the time but the Government could not produce them, nor could they produce a phone record.

Gates says he knew the call pertained to Wikileaks because of something Trump said immediately after the call but said elsewhere that Trump’s comment was much later after boarding the plane. This alleged call also never happened. Gates got a 45-day sentence and was allowed to walk on a million dollar tax evasion charge in return for this also uncorroborated tall tale.

These two fabricated, uncorroborated plea bargain-induced claims are used to bolster the “Big lie”. The “Big Lie” Goes like this; “Roger Stone traded his silence regarding his knowledge of misconduct by the president in return for the commutation of his sentence.” This is entirely false. In fact I passed two polygraphs tests on this very question. While the polygraph is not admissible as evidence in court ,the US military and the FBI use them regularly to determine who is being truthful and who is not.

(Corrupt and senile Robert Mueller before House Committee.)

While I did say repeatedly and accurately that Mueller‘s dirty cops attempted  to pressure me into bearing false witness against him I refused. The Democrats are now twisting this to imply that I traded my silence for clemency. This disinformation campaign started with Andrew Weissmann and then was repeated by Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Eric Swalwell and now the bogus report of the Senate Intelligence committee. Hillary Clinton told MSNBC that “Roger Stone publicly and privately blackmailed the President” and ‘this is part of a continuing cover-up”. Her stunning 2016 loss has clearly driven her insane and she continues to feign ignorance over the fact that her campaign laundered funds through Mark Elias’s law-firm to pay for a fabricated smear dossier on Donald Trump prepared with the assistance of Russian Intelligence assets.

(The corrupt Mueller gang.)

Suddenly dozens of left-wing law professors or attorneys have popped up with op-eds with the same crackpot theory “The President’s commutation of Stone’s sentence was flawed because Trump was acting to hide his own misconduct”. Wrong.

The president commuted  my sentence as an act of both justice and mercy because he believed (correctly) that I did not get a fair trial and because, contrary to judicial precedent in every district in the US court system and contrary to the current policy of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, I was ordered to surrender, at 67 years old and with a history of asthma to a federal  correctional facility with substantial numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases  (essentially a death sentence) not because I “traded my silence for clemency.”

Howard Fineman of MSNBC claimed otherwise based on a telephone conversation with me but a subsequent text message said that such a claim was not his intention and was not consistent with our conversation which was reported by the Gateway Pundit

There are 1,098 references to me in the Senate Intelligence Committee report if you count the footnotes – virtually all of them incorrect-including this whopper. “In July 2016, Stone drafted tweets for Trump — at his request — that “attacked Clinton for her adversarial posture toward Russia and mentioned a new peace deal with Putin.” I can’t even imagine who would have said this because I wrote no tweets for Donald Trump including the one referred to here.

This phony report also said “The committee also found “significant evidence” to suggest that WikiLeaks was “knowingly collaborating with Russian government officials.” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has long denied that the source of the hacked emails was Russia.” This is presumably based yet again on the questionable premise that the “Russians hacked the DNC and gave the stolen data to WikiLeaks”. The problem with this chestnut is that declassified documents now prove that the only basis for this claim is a draft redacted memo the DNC got from Crowdstrike which Crowdstrike executives themselves now question the accuracy of.  Despite claims by former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey as well as the chief prosecutor in my sham trial Obama Legal hitman Jonathan Kravis, no other evidence to support this claim has ever been made public by the Government. I wanted to call expert witnesses and present forensic evidence to disprove this canard in my trial but needless to say Deep State Judge Amy Berman Jackson prohibited me from doing so lest the central premise of my bogus indictment-and Mueller’s entire probe be disproved.

Clearly, the impending unraveling of the Obama-Clinton-Biden illegal political spying operation conducted against presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016 and carried over by the same subversives against President of the United States Donald Trump, well into 2017, has prompted this last ditch effort to salvage the spectacular public flop that was the 2-year multi-million dollar rogue “Special Counsel” witch hunt lynch mob conducted against President Trump’s political allies by legal mercenaries handpicked from the Obama-Clinton-Biden cesspool of Democrat lawyers.

The “Special Counsel” operation fronted by mentally failing figurehead Robert Mueller was in fact run by corrupt partisan Democrat lawyer Andrew Weissmann, who marshaled a rat’s nest of Obama-Clinton loyalists to pose as prosecutors, spending nearly two years targeting a small group of key advisors and supporters of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

With nearly-unlimited investigative resources, a small army of malicious Democrat partisan lawyers, with effectively no actual oversight or adult supervision from the “acting” Attorney General or any other sufficiently-empowered official within the DOJ, the Weissmann flunkies perpetrated an “investigation” that three months into its existence had already established conclusively that there was, in fact, no “Russian collusion” and zero criminal predicates to justify the promulgation of any prosecutions against anyone associated with Donald Trump’s wildly-successful presidential campaign.

Not ones to let the non-existence of any crimes they could prosecute in connection with Donald Trump’s spectacular pummeling of their political godmother Hillary Clinton stand in their way, the Weissmann vendetta operation persisted with general warrant style targeting of select high-profile targets associated with the 2016 Trump Campaign who had not become federal government employees after the Democrat-career-shattering Trump triumph.

After a full year of coming up short in their quest to settle the score for their failed would-be political patroness, while also providing cover to their corrupt cronies who criminally abused extraordinary spying powers against the current president at the behest of his predecessor (their now-fading political messiah) the imperative to manufacture any sort of malicious prosecution they could, grew more and more acute.

Even if it meant finally conceding that there was absolutely nothing they could contort or contrive out of the Trump Campaign’s activities sufficient to manufacture a criminal case to slake their vengeance through some abusive prosecution, the Special Counsel Weissmann gang was bound and determined to catch at least one high-profile Trump Republican and seek to turn them into a witness against the President to fuel an impeachment. That turned out to be me.

As a last resort they set about to backtrack with a fine-tooth-comb through the course of the larger “Russia! Russia!! Russia!!!” witch hunt, of which they were but one terror cell, to cherry pick any sort of process offense they could possibly extract from its mindless, fruitless consumption of public resources and airtime. Or perhaps they could exaggerate and sensationalize some fleeting inconsequential circumstance unearthed from somewhere in their dragnet haul of private communications from one of their preferred targets that could be shoehorned to fit the elements of some criminal offense. That is precisely what they did to me.

Whatever their tactics were to cobble together any sort of criminal offenses they could possibly contrive to prop up their phony ulterior-motivated crusade to substantiate their partisan fantasies of busting up some Russian collusion conspiracy, in the end their Russian collusion conspiracy theory was just that – a pure fantasy.

Now, the thinnest residue leftover from the Special Counsel’s spectacularly-failed attempt to justify its rogue existence has been meticulously cataloged and deceitfully inflated into huge chunks of a 966-page Senate Intelligence Committee exercise in generating sheafs of written material having such profound credibility and relevance that it warrants immediate and wholesale consignment to the circular file.

In sum, for all its meticulous organization the committee’s report is merely a more voluminous regurgitation of the same tortured insinuations and deceitful evidentiary spin that this committee’s equally-compromised predecessors spent more than three years manufacturing from behind the fraudulent facade of a legitimate meritorious investigation. The Democrat Russian collusion conspiracy theorists on the Senate Intelligence Committee are clearly eager to squander whatever vestigial credibility still attached to their august body from a long-gone era in which it was not so easily degenerated into a cheap tool of even cheaper partisan gameplaying.

What is obvious from this latest iteration in the disingenuous pursuit of mythical Russian boogeymen presumed to have colluded somehow with Donald Trump and his campaign in 2016, is that it bears the same illegitimate ulterior motives as other previous Russian collusion witch hunts.

  1. The first motive is to distract the public’s attention and divert political heat away from the real corruption and the real Russian collusion that Democrat politicians and operatives had perpetrated both during and after the 2016 election.
  2. The second motive is to damage and defame President Trump and his associates by any means necessary, until he is driven from office.
  3. The third motive, though rather moot this far down-sewer, is to establish false pretexts to obtain warrants, or some other legal justification, to surveil, search and seize the sensitive political and personal communications of additional targeted adversaries.

The committee’s report will stand as an officious attempt to prop up a pile of political mud that was the sum total substance of a multi-year attempt to gaslight the American public and wage a ruthless malicious smear campaign against a sitting president.

If nothing else, this report provides a detailed compendium of the elaborate disinformation that was contrived and propagated by corrupt Obama administration officials and Clinton-loyal apparatchiks effectively operating as partisan political operatives, while occupying sworn positions in federal law enforcement and the intelligence “community.”

These are the sort of serious, brazen crimes that don’t require a two-year $30M fine tooth comb job by partisan pencil pushers, nor a 966-page report to impart seriousness.

Please help Roger Stone with his legal bills as a result of the unconstitutional and corrupt Mueller investigation here at the Stone Legal Defense Fund

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