President Trump to make major coronavirus announcement at Sunday

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Charlotte, NC — Late Saturday night, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that there would be an announcement at 6 PM on Sunday. The announcement was regarding a major therapeutic breakthrough for the treatment of the Chinese coronavirus, COVID-19.

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News conference with President @realDonaldTrump at 6 pm tomorrow concerning a major therapeutic breakthrough on the China Virus. Secretary Azar and Dr. Hahn will be in attendance.

It is not clear at this time what he is expected to announce as vaccines are still in phase 3 trials across the country. Some recent news may give some insight, however.

The Wall Street Journal reports that antibody drugs are advancing rapidly to help fill the gap between now and when coronavirus vaccines are available. The medication is given to someone shortly after becoming infected, essentially stopping the virus in its tracks.

Rather than focusing on the potential breakthrough and treatment for the coronavirus, most chose to attack McEnany for her statement. Replies to her tweet began calling her racist and xenophobic for using the term China Virus. This is the term President Trump has used to reference the virus as well.

The virus originated in China, and China has been accused of withholding, even destroying, information that could have been available for the international community. Many have refused to hold China accountable for their actions, while the Trump administration continues to remind everyone where the virus originated in their statements.

According to the latest numbers on the CDC website, over 5.5 million cases of the Wuhan, China coronavirus have been identified with over 174,000 deaths attributed. Over 30 states have reported more than 40,000 cases, and much of the country remains under some form of mandatory restrictions.

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