Liberal Hypocrite: Big Ten Commissioner Cancels All 2020 Sports – Bankrupting Universities

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The Big Ten is led by new Commissioner Kevin Warren who decided to shut down all sports in the Big Ten this fall.  The entire league is upset especially since the Commissioner’s son is able to play ball in the SEC.

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren in May shared the following after the death of George Floyd:

On Monday, May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a proud Black man, was killed by a member of law enforcement in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, Emmett Till. The list goes on and on.

Prior to joining the Big Ten Conference as Commissioner and relocating to Chicago, my family had lived full-time in the Minneapolis area for over 15 years as I worked as an executive with the Minnesota Vikings in the National Football League. Our kids were raised in Minnesota and attended school in Minnesota before leaving for college and the people of the great state of Minnesota are part of the fabric of our entire family.

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As a Black man, I pray every day for the health and safety of my wife and children, especially during interactions with law enforcement. We continue to see inequality and deep divide regarding how members of the Black community are treated compared to the rest of society and too often, the results have been horrific and senseless. Such racism and inequality are pervasive, not just endemic in law enforcement.

These outrageous claims against the police were made by the same political hack who ended this year’s football season. How often does the Commissioner pray for his family’s interactions with law enforcement? How many times has his family interacted with law enforcement? Did the Minnesota Vikings hire police to protect their fans and players during games? What the hell exactly was Warren ranting about?

If the Big Ten Chancellors were doing their job they would have fired Warren the day he wrote his diatribe against the police. Instead these ignoramuses kept him on long enough to end the fall football season.

The Big Ten decided to postpone all fall sports recently based on a clearly political decision. ESPN reported:

The Big Ten has faced significant backlash over the timing of the decision, which came just six days after the league announced its 10-game, conference-only schedule on the Big Ten Network. Coaches, athletic directors, fans and parents have publicly and privately expressed frustration and outrage at a lack of communication and explanation about the about-face.

To hell with Big Ten football – it only brings in massive revenues that support the institutions in the league for the entire year. Universities, students, families and athletes are livid.

Reports are now coming out that the Universities of Iowa and Nebraska are in financial trouble because of the decision.  Nebraska announced the following:

The Nebraska athletic department staff is undergoing some drastic changes in order to help mitigate a projected $100 million deficit in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the postponement of Big Ten football this fall.

The University of Iowa has dropped four sports and announced it is in financial trouble as well.

Warren claims:

“The decision was thorough and deliberative, and based on sound feedback, guidance and advice from medical experts,” Warren wrote in his first public comments since announcing the league’s decision on Aug. 11. “Despite the decision to postpone fall sports, we continue our work to find a path forward that creates a healthy and safe environment for all Big Ten student-athletes to compete in the sports they love in a manner that helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protects both student-athletes and the surrounding communities.”

As we reported earlier, apparently the great medical schools of the Big Ten couldn’t find a single doctor who could read and interpret the data related to COVID-19. Maybe a picture is better for these intellectuals:

Look at the line for the number of deaths related to those under the age of 24 (for the Big Ten Chancellors this would be every single football player in the Big Ten).

That’s right – basically no deaths at all related to COVID-19 for individuals under the age 24. Perhaps someone should share with these sharp shooters that the athletes in the Big Ten are not over age 85!

Now to top it all off, it’s reported that the Commissioner’s son is able to play ball this year in the SEC at Mississippi State.  The Ohio State Buckeyes Wire shared this:

So where is Kevin Warren on all of this? Part of being a leader is coming out and addressing issues head-on. Instead, during a Big Ten Network special on the initial announcement, Warren refused to answer several direct and pointed questions posed to him by Dave Revsine. He side-stepped questions about a consensus on the vote, and even got defensive on some questions that called for answers.

And all we have heard from the Big Ten offices since are crickets and the sound of howling wind. A few tumbleweeds have blown across Lake Michigan as well.

All of this is occurring while Warren’s son practices and prepares for a fall season on a Mississippi State team that’s planning on playing games in the SEC. That’s right. It’s not safe for Big Ten players to play a season, but the commissioner’s son can suit up and keep grinding away.

What a liberal mess the Big Ten Conference is in.  The athletes are the only ones with the guts to play ball and they are prevented from playing liberals who have taken over the conference.  Then again, what other organization that’s made up of 14 entities calls itself the Big Ten?

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