If You’re A Gun Owner, Can You Afford Not To Have Financial Protection?

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A lot of us carry a handgun every day. We do it to protect ourselves and our family against the small chance that things go wrong.

Part of carrying a weapon is getting over that initial fear of the weapon. Another fear we have is whether we’ll be able to perform in that split second. That’s why we train and train — and train some more.

Once you get over those fears, there’s another fear a lot of us have: The legal side of using our weapon.

Sometimes, the legal system doesn’t work the way it should. Some people even say the legal system is biased against responsible gun owners.

If there’s a mistake and you get arrested, you’ll be taken to jail while they figure things out. The wheels of justice turn slow. If you don’t have a defense attorney and bail money ready, you could sit in jail for a long time.

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And then, there’s the risk you’ll be criminally charged by a corrupt prosecutor. Prosecutors could bring charges that would cost you as much as $100,000 or more to defend against. Even if you’d win, you’d have to pay those legal fees. Sometimes, people can’t afford it – they’ll take a plea bargain and go to jail instead.

But it can get even worse because there’s also civil liability – a bleeding heart jury that doesn’t like guns could decide to give $200,000 of your money to the mother of a thug.

Thankfully, there are now a handful of groups that offer gun owners financial protection. The USCCA is one that does a great job for minimal cost. It’s been growing because of its great service and now has over 400,000 members.

With the USCCA (joining through this link and the links below benefits Gateway Pundit), you get:

– Up to $250,000 toward bail bonds and defense lawyer fees.
– Your choice of a defense lawyer
– Up to $2,000,000 protection against a civil suit

The USCCA sends you a card to keep in your wallet.

That card has a hotline number on it. As soon as you’re in an incident, that’s the number you call:

Here’s what USCCA member Brian D. says:

“I was forced to shoot a man in self-defense. I did everything right…and was charged with first-degree murder. I called the USCCA and they went right to work. Since then, my case has been dismissed and labeled as self-defense. My advice: Don’t carry a firearm without protection from the aftermath of possibly having to use it. Thanks, USCCA!”

Here’s the story of Bruce, a pastor who was arrested for using his weapon.

Bruce did everything right but was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Watch this video to see his story:

Bruce’s wife made the call to the USCCA’s 24-hour hotline.

Because of that call, Bruce got bonded out of jail in 4 hours.

Bruce got a pro-2A lawyer and was exonerated at no additional cost.

The USCCA provides three tiers of membership for every comfort level and budget:

 – Gold Membership $22/mo

 – Platinum Membership $30/mo

 – Elite Membership $47/mo

You’ve got financial protection against your house burning down. You’ve got financial protection against a car wreck.

Do you have protection against being financially ruined after a gun incident?

How can you afford not to?

Click here to get protected.


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