“He Was Not Very Smart Before He Became Incapacitated.  He Was Always Kinda Dumb. Now He’s Clearly Cognitively Impaired.” – Rudy Giuliani on Joe Biden’s Alzheimer’s

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Judge Jeanine spoke about how ‘Bunker Biden’ ignored the violence going on in city streets around the nation at the recent DNC.  She invited former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on to discuss.

Rudy shared that Biden paid no attention to the Democrat cities that are up in flames which shows Biden has no intention of fixing it.  He also shared that when you don’t deal with small amounts of violence in cities, the violence becomes greater.  This is why Democrat cities are in such danger.

Then Rudy mentioned Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s physical and mental decline.  (Note that we provided evidence from a review of videos of Biden using AI that indicate Biden’s cognitive decline and possible early stages of Alzheimer’s yesterday as well.)  Rudy shared:

He was not very smart before he became incapacitated.  He was always kinda dumb.  Now he’s clearly cognitively impaired.  I have a podcast out right now with two prominent doctors that say that it is clear that he has something beyond a mild case of either Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia.”

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Via Justice with Judge Jeanine:

Rudy was very serious when he claimed Biden was exhibiting signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Look  at Biden’s recent performance and make your own conclusion:

Rudy put together a podcast with experts such as Dr. Alan A. Mazurek, Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology, Mount Sinai Hospital to discuss.

Here is Rudy’s discussion from his podcast about Joe Biden’s condition:

Joe Biden is the worst candidate for President in modern US history.

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