Democrats attack First Lady over Rose Garden restorations

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Charlotte, NC – On Saturday, First Lady Melania Trump unveiled her restorations to the White House Rose Garden. The work was announced in July and has been completed ahead of a scheduled speech by the First Lady this week as part of the Republican National Convention.

The First Lady took the Rose Garden back to a more historical look through the renovations. According to reports, it now closely resembles the original design by President John F Kennedy. The First Lady was excited to show off the work.

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Excited to honor history & celebrate the future in our beautiful @WhiteHouse Rose Garden this evening. Thank you to all who helped renew this iconic & truly gorgeous space.

When the announcement was made, it was said that the National Park Service would oversee the process and that the entire cost would be funded by private donations. That did not stop the left from immediately attacking the First Lady’s work.

Across Twitter, media personalities and left-wingers immediately went after the First Lady. Misleading photos were shared and the words “Marie Antoinette” started trending on Twitter as the renovation was discussed. Below is an example of the misleading photos that many were sharing as they complained about the renovation.

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Here is the colorful, happy Rose Garden under Obama, and here is Melania’s unveiling of the new garden, entirely devoid of color or joy.

The photo’s you see are not a direct comparison, as the photo on the right shows a higher image that does not allow you to see the close up work. The misleading posts were attacked saying she stole all the color from the Rose Garden. Others attacked the spending on the project, even though it was funded with private funds.

The photo below is a better shot, comparing two arenas of the Rose Garden, with a new path and a more open view. The renovations do give the area a more historical feel than was previously seen.

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Before and after photographs of newly renovated White House Rose Garden:courtesy #Getty and @marycjordan

It’s just another example how the left is setting their eyes on anyone with the name of Trump. They have set their eyes on Melania now, especially as she has been announced as a speaker for the RNC.

The continued attacks on the Trump’s are seen in that very action as well. The left has said that the lineup of RNC speakers appears more like a Trump family reunion than a Republican event. It’s almost a repeat of the headlines we read back in 2016 about the RNC.

The Trump family will be facing relentless attacks this week as the RNC begins. President Trump’s family will be a main part of the events, with President Trump scheduled to be featured every night.

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