In just 5 words, Joe Biden tells America everything they need to know

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Charlotte, NC — On Thursday night, Joe Biden and the Democrats wrapped up their week of the Democratic National Convention. Rather than a convention, it was almost an hourly infomercial filled with media celebrations in between clips. Celebrities and politicians joined forces to tell you everything that is wrong with America. It can be summed up in just two words for them: Donald Trump.

They believe that everything in our country is the fault of the current “occupant of the White House,” as Joe Biden called him in his acceptance speech. I find that very statement deeply troubling. Why? Because that’s the language of the anti-Semite, anti-America, radically-socialist squad.

Time after time, these representatives have proven their hatred for anything America. They hate our history, our freedom, and our way of life. They hate the American dream and for America to be the land of opportunity. Instead, they favor America to be the place of the handouts and enslaved.

The Democrats did a great job hiding all of those things this week at the convention. They avoided their party platform in the portions of the DNC shared with the media. The keynote speakers avoided the platform, choosing to talk about Trump rather than issues. While the party platform is posted online, few Democrats will go research what their party is supporting.

The media tried to tell the story that the party platform was not so radical, as it has left out Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. They want you to believe that there is no way those propositions will be put into the new government should they win. They also shared how they were upset; there was no push to defund the police, abolish ICE, or many other measures.

Biden, however, has come out in support of the Green New Deal. His running mate is an advocate for Medicare for All. She has also supported the defund the police and abolish ICE movements. Some will say that is not Biden, but his speech gives us clear views as to his plans.

In just five words, Joe Biden proved he would accept the extreme left-wing radical ideology. He is willing to accept their statements, comments, and their calls for action. He is willing to accept their mission, their acts, and follow their direction. The key is that he will do it subtly.

He is not going to give a keynote address saying that he supports defunding the police. He will not give a major speech highlighting he wants to abolish ICE or any of the other things these progressives want. He will subtly give in, supporting their ideas and allowing these things to happen.

Joe Biden wants to be seen as a unity candidate. He wants you to think that he is moderate, willing to be accepting of the statements of both sides of the aisle. It’s a great strategy to try to win the election. He will win over some moderates with that type of talk.

For those who are able to see through these empty words, they will see a radical agenda. One that includes putting the American people into slavery to the US government. One that erodes your freedoms, forcing you into government dependence and absolute rule. They are not hiding how radical their agenda is for the United States.

The radical agenda is not one of just socialism for the United States, but its a radical agenda across the world. They want to destroy our relationship with our allies, like Israel, and push to destroy the nation of Israel out of hatred. It’s an agenda of control and oppression.

They may argue that this is about equality and not about control. They will say that this is a fight for the ‘heart and soul of America.’ There is just one problem with that. In each and every situation, someone somewhere is in control.

On Thursday, America got a glimpse of Joe Biden, even though many may not have realized it. In just 5 words, “the occupant of the White House,” Joe Biden told you where he stands. He stands with the extreme left-wing radicals and their socialist plans.

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