If You Thought 2016 Was Big, Wait Until You See 2020 Enthusiasm

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With former Vice President Joe Biden officially announced as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, the 2020 election cycle is heating up.

Although the race has been tight so far with Biden holding an edge in the polls, one important member of Donald Trump’s re-election campaign says the president has never looked better and is more ready than ever to win this election.

Jeff DeWit, the chief operating officer of Trump’s 2020 campaign, spoke with The Western Journal about the campaign and the president’s chances of winning come November.

Stumping for the president in Phoenix on Friday as a part of the Trump Bus Tour, DeWit explained that the experience of meeting supporters had been eye-opening.

The campaign COO said looking at the numbers at the campaign headquarters was one thing, but seeing the enthusiasm of supporters up close and personal was something very different.

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“So now to come and see it with my own two eyes and see how — I mean, we’re getting triple and quadruple the crowd sizes than we ever expected in some of these areas,” DeWit told The Western Journal.

“And we found out yeah, they drove in from hours out. So really, I mean, there’s no question of the massive amount of enthusiasm for Donald Trump.”

DeWit served as COO of Trump’s 2016 campaign before joining the administration as NASA’s chief financial officer.

Will Trump win in 2020?

In his opinion, enthusiasm for the president is even higher in 2020 than it was in 2016.

The surge in support is due to the fact that Trump’s ground game has never been better, DeWit explained.

“I think we have more enthusiasm now,” he said. “We had a ton then, but we didn’t have the ground game then like we do now. We have a million volunteers right now all over the country. We didn’t have the resources to build this kind of a ground operation and do the things we’re doing now.

“And now that we have this, we see how many people are coming out to help us, how many people are going and knocking on doors, how many people are calling people.”

One example of enthusiasm that the COO cited was of a retired Marine veteran doing his best to help the president win re-election.

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During the Trump Bus Tour on Thursday, the campaigners gave the veteran an award for reaching out to 75,000 people by phone since May.

“To see this kind of passion, when people are coming out and volunteering and calling 75,000 people in three months, that’s unheard of,” the COO said.

“We have a bigger operation now,” he said. “I think we have a bigger ground game than ever has existed in the history of politics. And it’s purely because so many people around the country are so passionate about seeing Donald Trump get four more years.”

As a current resident and former state treasurer in 2014, DeWit has many close ties to the state of Arizona. Toward the end of the interview, he gave his prediction as to whether Trump will win the state in November.

“I already felt confident before, anyways,” DeWit said, “but with what I saw today on the bus tour for Trump, going around and seeing the massive amount of enthusiasm … I’m telling you, if you saw what I saw today, you would realize Donald Trump is going to win Arizona.”

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