Chicago Mayor explains citizens will understand they need to suffer for her safety

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Chicago, IL – On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended the ban of protesters from her neighborhood. In her comments to the Chicago Tribune, Lightfoot said that she had a right to make sure her home was secure. She said that she believed the residents of Chicago understood the reason that she and her family needed the extra security.

Citizens of Chicago, your mayor said you deserve to suffer, so that she can be safe. Does anyone see the issue with this? The very one who was elected to serve you, believes she is better than you.

If you decide you want to protest in the neighborhood around Lightfoot’s home, you will go to jail. You can go riot across the city, destroying the communities and businesses of the hard-working citizens. Do not dare cross the line into where the elitist mayor Lightfoot lives.

Lightfoot cites that she has received threats that necessitated the extra security. I am sure there were some threats made last weekend to all those who were shot in Chicago. I am sure that many felt threatened amid the violent riots and looting that were happening in the city.

Did Lightfoot grant those people extra security? Did she lock down those neighborhoods in an attempt to protect them? Absolutely not. She allowed the riots and protests to continue.

From the beginning of the riots and protests, she has played favorites to the elites. She locked down specific parts of the city, while allowing others to suffer. She was called out by a city alderman, which resulted in a heated conversation. She still does not get it.

So as we read about a city ravaged by shootings, looting, and various other crime, we can all know that these people are suffering because of Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot. She is not concerned with her citizens or their protection. She believes she is better than everyone in the city of Chicago.

This is a prime example of what this radical left-wing leadership will get you. They want the power, but then they want to tell you what you need. According to Mayor Lightfoot, only the elite of Chicago deserve security. Everyone else can just suffer.

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