“They’re Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”

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Sarah Palin was on tonight with Tucker Carlson on FOX News and she shared what many of us already knew as well as what some of us didn’t.

Sarah Palin looked as radiant and attractive as she looked in 2008 when she was selected by Senator John McCain to be his Vice President nominee.  When McCain picked her, he picked up the conservative base that he so disparately needed.

In her segment with Tucker Carlson she shared her concerns with the direction today’s Democrats are going.  She said the Democrats appear opposite to what America stands for right now.

However, Palin said the media treats the Democrat candidates as “delicate pieces of China” where conservatives are treated differently.  She also noted that she would not have “prostituted herself” in terms of policies to get better press.

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Tucker then brought up Steve Schmidt, who was a consultant she dealt with in 2008 who has now endorsed Joe Biden.  Palin said Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace are pieces of work who were running the McCain – Palin campaign.  Palin said:

A couple of them didn’t even vote for the ticket… They’re Democrats.  They’re very, very liberal.  They’re part of that uni-party and to think that they were the ones rolling out for my candidacy, and setting up interviews, and doing, what, there was a lot of sabotage going on there, especially at the end, at the end of the game there.

But look where they are today, I mean Steve Schmidt, MSNBC and Nicolle Wallace, they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing and there’s been huge exposure so those of us where were kind of victims of what they’re capable of, it’s kind of vindication for us because we’re like see, told you so.  They were never on our team to start with.”

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