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Charlotte, NC – Popular website host and building program WordPress is shadow banning conservative websites. WordPress powers thousands of sites across the internet in many countries. Earlier this week, conservative websites found that some traffic sources were no longer being listed in their stats areas of WordPress sites.

The Liberty Loft was one of the websites that were affected by this shadow banning. When we look at our stats for our page, we notice that we have traffic that may have been counted, but many of the conservative sources that had previously been listed, are no longer there.

One of our main partners, Whatfinger.com, was removed entirely. Whatfinger.com is a conservative news aggregator that has quickly become the choice replacement for The Drudge Report. The Liberty Loft is unable to see any traffic that comes to the website from Whatfinger, or any traffic that may leave our website to view articles or videos at many of our partner sites.

As we started investigating the issue, we reached out to Whatfinger.com and learned this is not the first time that WordPress has done this to them. Back in 2018, WordPress shadowbanned Whatfinger, again blocking traffic data to sites.

Websites rely on traffic data to know their traffic sources, to understand revenue sources, and to help drive business decisions. Some small conservative blogs and websites may not be able to place the infrastructure to gather this data from other sources. Many rely solely on WordPress statistics.

No information is available from WordPress regarding changes to their statistical reporting. Our attempts to contact them have not been returned. It’s another great example of big tech attempting to censor conservatives and to try to silence their voice!

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