National Media Ignores Murder of White Teen By Black Man Who Appears to Have Never Interacted With His Victim Prior to Killing Him

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As the national media continues to race bait and paint the narrative that black people are the perpetual victims of white men, they are selectively ignoring senseless murders depending on the skin color of the suspects.

A mother in California is currently mourning the death of her only son, 18-year-old Nathan Garza, who was killed by a black man with seemingly no connection to the victim on Sunday.

Garza was shot outside the Safeway in Napa County where he worked.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday that they have arrested 23-year-old Christopher “Roly” Young on suspicion of murder. Local station KTVU reports that “authorities said the two men did not appear to know each other and didn’t interact with each other before the shooting.”

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Young has refused to speak to police or provide a motive for the slaying.

“I have nothing to say to him,” said Tracy Garza, the victims mother. “He doesn’t need to answer any of my questions. Nothing will bring my son back.”

The grieving mother added that “my son was a piece of me, a piece that has gone.”

Considering that any perceived “racist” incident is suddenly national news, like was the case with Amy Cooper, you would think that a seemingly random and horrific murder would be as well.

KTVU reports that Garza “graduated this past spring from Early College High School and Rodriguez High School in Fairfield and enjoyed fishing and playing baseball. He had already started training with the team at Diablo Valley College.”

The website 100% Fed Up noted, “the alleged black, male shooter did not pin the 18-year-old white male to the ground with his knee before shooting him to death, so there won’t be any riots or looting to commemorate the 18-year-old white male’s death.”

The media has also ignored the murder of 17-year-old Veronica Lee Baker in North Carolina, who was shot and killed in her vehicle over the weekend. She was white and the suspects are black.

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