Fauci Temporarily “Out of Action” by Vocal Cord Surgery, But ‘Drowsy’ Media Star Can’t Stop Texting to Reporters

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Dr. Anthony Fauci underwent outpatient surgery Thursday morning to remove a polyp on his vocal cords, according to media reports. Fauci is home recuperating and will likely be able to resume limited interviews in about a week.

Fauci, 79, has served since 1984 as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH. Fauci is also a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Last month Fauci posed Hollywood-style for a magazine cover shoot.

In a revealing look at how Fauci cultivates the media, a groggy Fauci was communicating directly with reporters from anti-Trump outlets about the surgery, rather than having an NIH spokesperson handle it while he regains his senses from the anesthesia.

Fauci’s surgery was first reported by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who says Fauci texted him to let him know the surgery went well, “Dr Anthony Fauci had an operation today to remove a polyp on his vocal cord. He had general anesthesia and texted me after to let me know he was doing ok. Doctors have advised him to curtail his talking for a while to allow his vocal cords to recover.”

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Fauci communicated with CBS reporter Paul Reid, “FAUCI UPDATE: Dr Fauci tells me he just got home after undergoing surgery for a polyp on his vocal cord at GWU. Operation was done under general anesthetic and so he is still “kinda drowsy” and looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep. (First reported by @drsanjaygupta)”…Dr Fauci tells me he will return to work Monday after surgery to remove polyp on his vocal cords. Says doing multiple taped lectures a day led to inflammation which led to a polyp. He will be able to do brief interviews after a week…..”

Fauci also communicated with Politico:

Anthony Fauci, one of the most recognizable members of the White House coronavirus task force, had surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal cord Thursday morning, he confirmed to POLITICO.

Fauci has engaged in numerous speaking engagements during the coronavirus pandemic, informing the public on the latest developments in understanding and fighting the disease. He has emerged as one of the most trusted officials on both sides of the aisle in dealing with the crisis, according to numerous polls.

Fauci told POLITICO he would be “out of action” when it came to long speeches for two weeks but that he will be able to do short interviews after a week or so…

NBC News apparently had to settle for a blind comment from Fauci’s wife, “NEWS: Dr. Anthony Fauci had surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal cord this morning, according to a person close to the infectious disease expert. He’s home now and doing well, via

Fauci’s NIH office eventually informed other outlets about his surgery. AP excerpt:

…Fauci, who directs the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, underwent outpatient surgery for the polyp and was home and resting, an institute spokesperson told The Associated Press…

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