Democrats Use Fake “Doubles” to Deceive Viewers During DNC

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Los Angeles, C.A. – During last night’s Democratic National Convention, Democrats used “double images” of cheering supporters during the official nomination of California Senator turned Democratic V.P. candidate, Kamala Harris

The Lie?

During her vice-presidential acceptance speech on the third night of the Democratic National Convention, Ms. Harris said, “there is no vaccine for racism,” as she offered her vision for a more inclusive country. 

After the speech, small images of waving DNC supporters were shown, “Zoom-style,” in rows across the screen. However, double copies of the same people were used. Some waved back; some didn’t. 

Democratic Deception is Duping Americans

It is no secret that the leftwing, drive-by media is in cahoots with liberal legislators. For nearly a generation, mainstream media outlets have praised Democrats for both their inadequate action and inaction. 

Liberal legislators, backed by Biden and Harris, and pushed by Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, have pushed for mail-in voting ahead of the 2020 election. Democrats are politizing COVID-19 fears from coast to coast in hopes that the flawed and fraudulent mail-in voting system boosts Biden from his basement to the Oval Office.

Democratic deception is nothing new. For the last 50 years, progressive liberals have invaded the country, and systemically attempted to deceive our democracy into doing their bidding. Using fake support during this week’s Zoom convention, to their radical movement to disarm Americans, defund our law enforcement systems, and bankroll liberal special interests while bankrupting our country, Democrats have a history of lying and playing loose with the truth. 

Our nation deserves better than what Biden can offer. After all, he has over 50 years in politics to get it right! 

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