Black Lives Matter leader calls rioters ‘Some times most of the time peaceful protestors’

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New York, NY — In a recent appearance on Fox News with Martha MacCallum, Hawk Newsome, chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, said that the rioters are not terrorists. He was responding to comments by Rudy Giuliani about how the Black Lives Matters group was acting as domestic terrorists. Giuliani suggests that the terrorist label is due to the continued violence and destruction that the rioters cause.

When asked about the statement, Newsome refused to answer the question. Instead, he tried to turn the statement into an argument about Rudy Giuliani. He continued to refuse to answer the question, choosing to argue about reparations and black oppression. A video of the exchange can be found in this article to view.

To be perfectly clear, Black Lives Matter has become a terrorist organization. The organization had the opportunity to be a peaceful protest group, but that opportunity was wasted. Instead, violence continues to happen across the country in the name of the organization.

This is not the mark of ‘most of the time peaceful protestors’ as he called them. As MacCallum noted, the events shared by Newsome were disgusting and were terrorist events. They were domestic terrorist acts and are uncalled for, but that didn’t satisfy Newsome, nor any other Black Lives Matter representative.

They believe that they are entitled to loot, riot, and drive those around them to live in fear. That is the very act of terrorists. People are dying, being injured, and are losing their businesses and property. How is that any different than a terrorist organization?

When the leaders of these organizations refuse to ask them to stop the violence, the looting, and the destruction, they are leading a terrorist organization. Not one single person is saying that the KKK is not a terrorist group. They are a legitimate organization that has operated to oppress and drive fear into the black community.

What is being argued is that Black Lives Matter is absolutely no different. Antifa is absolutely no different. They are domestic terrorist organizations, that deserve to be prosecuted for encouraging violence and destruction.

It’s time to stop being politically correct and ignoring the issue. It’s time to start calling the violence and destruction exactly what it is. It’s time to start holding these terrorists accountable for their actions.

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