Victor Davis Hanson DESTROYS Michelle Obama and the Activist Journalists who Prop Up Her Lies (VIDEO)

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On Tuesday Victor Davis Hanson went on with Tucker Carlson to discuss the kickoff of the Democrat Party Virtual National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

On Monday Michelle Obama attacked President Trump and played the race card in her much anticipated DNC speech.

Victor Davis Hanson destroyed Michelle and her outrageous speech on Tuesday night.

VDH: I think the commone themes that you outlined Tucker are one, they say these things that are not true whether it’s Michelle Obama talking about black lives being indiscriminately being killed on the street or Andrew Cuomo with the worst record about the virus and then bragging as if it’s the best.  There is no media as we used to know it.  NBC, ABC, the network news, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, they’ve fused with the progressive movement in the Democrat Party in particular… All these people have one thing in common, Tucker.  They’re never subject to the consequences of their actions…  When she says, “We go high when they go low,” she’s talking right now when her husband’s administration has weaponized the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA and  is the subject of a massive investigation by a federal attorney.  It will probably end up if things happen as many predict as one of the most corrupt administrations that tried to destroy a political campaign, a presidential transition and a presidency.  And she saying they go low and she goes high?  And again they can say those things because clips that you played. Those clips you played were not from journalists. They were from activists. They say they’re journalists but they’re really part of the progressive movement.

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Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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